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hormozi 01

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November 4 – December 11, 2010

Hormozi 1

Marjan Hormozi — Untitled (Lalla Lezli), Graphite on paper,
18" x 24"

Artist Statement

These drawings are from observing an old woman as she moves gracefully, but not effortlessly, through the space. Studying her posture, skin, the unique rhythm and arrangement of her body parts, her moods, personal style and fashion. I made these drawings from Lalla Lezli to use as instructional tools in my life drawing classes so that I can talk about the process of aging.

The amount of time invested in making each drawing is different, they range from long studies to fast representations of the figure, using different mediums and a variety of approaches to mark-making. The intent is to show the process of investigation of the human figure through the deconstruction and synthesis of its’ individual parts, while considering the significance of line, movement, form, space, value, volume, design and meaning.

I worked with Lalla privately for several years until a few days before she passed away. She was the oldest, most-respected Los Angeles model. Many renowned L.A. Artists and Animators drew Lalla when they were students at Chouinard, and over fifty years later, some can still draw her off the top of their heads.

August 2010
Los Angeles


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