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bledsoe 01

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November 4 – December 11, 2010

Bledsoe 1

Beverly Bledsoe — Untitled, Toned Charcoal, 32" x 38"

Artist Statement

These are Otis College of Art and Design demonstration drawings, done for the benefit of the first year, beginning Foundation students. This represents one methodology of instruction to show the gestural aspect of the process drawings. One of the more challenging aspects of figure drawing is capturing the gesture and holding on to the "LIFE" part of Life Drawing. Gesture drawing is a nurtured and developed part of figure drawing. The gesture becomes the signature of the artist and becomes instantly recognizable as the mark of the artists hand. The gesture is the communication of abstract concepts regarding life drawing: Dynamics, Movement, Balance, Weight, Proportion, Integrity and Empathy. When the student learns to draw the figure with these concerns,it creates a more energetic, expressive and powerful life drawing.

The large drawings are a demonstration of Otis Process Drawing that shows the student how to begin with the Gesture of the pose and then begin to analyze the Structure, Form, Volume, Proportion, Composition, Value and Line quality. So as not to begin with the contour, students learn to visualize the subject from the inside out, starting with the life force, or gesture. The process drawing can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 10 hours for the student to complete, and is the best way to teach the student about three dimensional structure in drawing. Every mark, every line that is made becomes subject to interpretation. This process forces the student to think about the construction of the drawing which can result in an aesthetically pleasing, sensitive, transparent, and beautiful drawing.

August 2010
Los Angeles


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