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Breth 01

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ART FACULTY SHOW 2012: Recent Work by SRJC Faculty

February 21 – March 15, 2012


Renata Breth, from “ZULUZEIT” Untitled, 2011
Pigment print from scanned negative

Artist’s Statement

As part of a visual investigation of change, I have assembled several bodies of work reflecting on political, perceptual and locational changes, as well as the nature of observation.

The pieces in this exhibition are from the series “ZULUZEIT”. In “ZULUZEIT” individual photographs capture the engines of transformation in airports.

Like most collectors I hunt, organize, categorize and catalog to build my collection. The categories include airplanes ready for takeoff or landing; the travelers and their luggage; the lounges, cafes, advertisements and waiting rooms; the beauty and strength of the airplanes; and the architectural spaces seen as landscapes of their own.