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FACULTY SHOW 2009: Recent Work by SRJC Faculty

November 5 - December 12, 2009


Michael Cooper, Anne — Torso

  • Steve Allen
    Alan Azhderian
    Lisa Beerntsen
    Joel Bennett
    Kris Branscomb
    John Bressie
    Renata Breth
    Sondra Cohen
    Will Collier
    Marsha Connell
    Claire Cotts
    Ben Cressy

  • Don Feasel
    Kevin Fletcher
    Hiroshi Fuchigami
    Connie Goldman
    Linda Grebmeier
    Rod Guyer
    Stephen Hopkins
    Jean Horton
    Deborah Kirlklin
    Machiko Kondo
    Susan Lacke
    Donna Larsen

  • Michael Loffredo
    Joe McDonald
    Michael McGinnis
    Masako Miki
    Natalie Robb
    Stephanie Sanchez
    John Sappington
    Will Smith
    Gina Telcocci
    Linda Weiss
    Kathleen Younquist

Artist Statement

Using a minimalist vocabulary and a reductive aesthetic that emphasizes the importance of space, rhythm, structure, and relations, I make works of art that are concrete and essential approximations of my own emotional and intellectual experiences. The work reflects my interests in architecture, music, science, sculpture, and painting as well as the threads of commonality that run between them.

The tendency or desire to gravitate toward unity and stability is in opposition to the urge toward independence, transition, and growth. My work evokes this same tension, the dynamic that underlies my own existence. I see each piece as being analogous to the rhythmic and contradictory forces of stasis and flux that propel my world toward both constancy and change.