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FACULTY SHOW 2009: Recent Work by SRJC Faculty

November 5 - December 12, 2009

Look at Me Look at Me!

Suzanne Lacke, Look at Me Look at Me! 
oil on canvas, 36" x 60" 2009

Artist Statement

My paintings and drawings have several different sources. I have spent a good deal of time chasing the beauty and mystery I see in the landscape and in people I see in the streets. I have spent a lot of time drawing the figure and have done a series of paintings of dresses, which began when I saw a painting of a yellow dress by Wayne Thiebaud. You could say that I depict people without clothes on, people with clothes on and clothes without people in them.

When I am anxious about something I have tried to explore it in my art. The first thing I think of is "I'll try to draw or paint that". In the paintings in this show I am working through the themes of identity and aging. I have always had an uncertain relationship to clothes. My parents loved them and hoped in dressing me in beautiful clothes I would be beautiful. I preferred to run in the woods and yet I do love the way they look. A battle raged between who I was on the inside and who I was as viewed from without. I have worked as a painter to reinforce the person inside of me. All art is self-portrait someone said and I think this is true for me in my dresses. In the process of painting, which is in effect myself being put on the canvas in time through paint, I create a self-portrait, not of myself seen from the outside but as myself as a painter.

I have always liked looking at and watching old people who are rapidly getting less far away from me. They seem to inhabit a special place, sometimes ceasing to buy a new coat after the age of 65, as if to freeze time, to forestall death. The way they stand and turn and seem to be waiting for something interests me. I don't like waiting so I watch instead.

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching is a gift to me. I have enjoyed meeting the people I meet in my classes. I hope most of all to inspire them to become actively involved in the shaping of their destinies. I hope that they come, not for the grade but for the potential that they have to learn about themselves. Although it is not for everyone, a life in art seems to me to be the best life of all. For those who come to my classes and tend in that direction I hope to encourage it through getting them started with the materials and through an introduction to art history. For those who do not choose art as their life's work I hope these things will enrich their lives.


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