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FACULTY SHOW 2009: Recent Work by SRJC Faculty

November 5 - December 12, 2009

1st St Bridge

Stephanie Sanchez, 1st St Bridge
oil on board, 18" x 25" 2009

Artist Statement

“The real world is an illusion, albeit a persuasive one”, Einstein said. That characterizes my feeling about being alive with seeing eyes, being a painter, and it paradoxically explains my trying to describe or interpret that so called 'real world.' Impossible but necessary, somehow.

The view from my house (Toledo Walk, Long Beach) always struck me as surreal the more I looked at it. How the valley looks as you drive through at night, I made that one up, but I attempt to capture the otherworldliness I sense in what I see and experience in my environment. I make choices about what to paint based on familiarity, what I am used to looking at, and wanting then to somehow record it or make it real for myself. I draw from life alot, take photographs sometimes, paint plein aire, and make things up quite a bit, elements such as color, light, atmosphere. One has to do that as light changes the appearance of everything from moment to moment in real life as you watch closely.

Teaching Philosophy

I hope to influence students to become more aware of what makes them unique and how they might find kinship through studying and knowing great artists. You might find a place for yourself through a love of El Greco, you may get under his skin if you copy him, and you may be influenced to do even greater painting using those ideas. That being said, fundamental understanding of form and how light falls on form is essential, there is a language to be learned so as to be able to find an authentic voice. Every student can be transformed by learning to 'see' rather than to merely 'look'. Studying art even briefly will increase self-knowledge and expand consciousness. I promise.

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