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FACULTY SHOW 2009: Recent Work by SRJC Faculty

November 5 - December 12, 2009

De Young

Renata Breth, De Young
Photography - digital prints from scanned film negatives, 2005

Artist Statement

Over the years I have switched between still photography, filmmaking and installation work. When working with still photographs I frequently assemble the images into sequences of varied length, with all the elements as seen as one order-specific piece.

Among the various sequences I have done over the years, from diptych to 12-piece or even 54-piece blocks, I have often returned to the form of the triptych. Three elements are seen as a sacred or magic number that we encounter throughout the ages of humankind. For this group exhibit I chose several examples from PALINLALIE.

At the heart of the sequences is an attempt to interpret and possibly translate my encounters with specific places and the world in which I find myself. Though even multiple points of view cannot unveil the truth, I offer the contemplation of another viewpoint. The editing process is one of subjective reconstruction with intent to suggest a quest for dialogue and interaction beyond personal, self-centered interpretation. The subject itself—along with color, composition and space—provides the precise structure of every final sequential piece, while at first glance the viewer might think of it as arbitrary.

Teaching Philosophy

When I was in high school I started to tutor some my fellow high school students and discovered my love for teaching. Since then I have taught many students at various stages: as an artist-in-residence, at the university level and here at SRJC.

My teaching has to be guided by the goal of having all my students achieve the comprehension and application set by the curriculum for the specific photography course. Beyond that, I hope to instill a lifelong love and pursuit for the art of photography and the creative process on an elevated level and a critical eye and mind for the visual information and influences around them.

It is challenging to balance visual literacy and the creative process with all technical aspects of photography. In all courses I try hard to employ different modes of instruction to reach the different learning styles represented by my students. I show various examples of culturally diverse artists in my lectures and presentations. I mix collaborative and individual projects and give assignments to foster critical thinking and problem solving. During class critiques we practice analytical examination and aesthetic judgment in a meaningful and critical yet supportive environment.

Every so often I put myself in the role of a student to learn more and to remind myself how a student encounters new skills and information and a new environment.


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