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michael mcginnis 01

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FACULTY SHOW 2009: Recent Work by SRJC Faculty

November 5 - December 12, 2009

Superplexus Vortex and Circles

Michael McGinnis, Superplexus Vortex (and Superplexus Circles, below)
Full-Scale Fome-Cor Model, 36 inches in diameter, 2009

Artist Statement

A fascination with the spatial aspects of our world has persisted my entire life. There are several manifestations of this in my work. I’m particularly interested in light as a way of defining volume and form, and how changes in light evoke a feeling of living energy; thus the light installation work. Another side of my spatial interest expresses itself through complex constructions known as “Superplexus”. This series has kept me working and refining for over 30 years. The forms on display are mockups of more complete designs that are made from fine materials, and at a great cost in time. The finished pieces are generally spoken for, either as interactive sculptures or as product design. The best way to understand this conceptually is to visit my website, listed at the bottom of this statement.

“9-Cuboid” is constantly under digital construction. Over the course of this exhibit, it will become more complex. As with my belief in the living energy of light in motion, this piece evolves and grows. Feel free to visit often and sit for a while.

Installation work is a joy to create because it develops out of the reality of the space it occupies. A site-specific way of working reacts and interacts with its environment. My work manifests itself in two polar-opposite approaches, both with the common belief in making environmentally sound choices. On the one hand, my permanent artworks are made with fine materials and craftsmanship meant to last for generations. And on the other hand, my installations are made entirely out of reusable materials, and when the event is over, these materials are repurposed.

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching has been both an inspiration and a struggle for me creatively. It is through contacts with students that some of my most successful artistic endeavors have unfolded. But teaching art has a dark side too. The creative energy necessary to provide a fruitful learning environment makes it difficult to find the time and energy to do my own work.

About teaching: a teacher is only half of the equation. Students bring an enormous amount of quality to the classroom. When molded and formed with the guidance of the instructor, students will flourish in their natural talents. But where a good instructor really excels is in areas where the student is lacking, based upon fear, or a cognitive misinterpretation of the problem. A student who truly has a breakthrough experience makes teaching a worthwhile endeavor.

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