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FACULTY SHOW 2009: Recent Work by SRJC Faculty

November 5 - December 12, 2009

Tree of Light, Swarm

Donna Larsen, Tree of Light, Swarm
NYC Art Poster Proposal
, collaged inkjet prints on paper and house paint, 89" x 93" 2009

Artist Statement

I have always felt that signs are vehicles of reassurance, and that beauty is a form of solace. My work reflects an ongoing interest in street art as a “sign” of the times, and a desire to leave a sign of my own making. The ultimate goal of this work is to employ the power of archetypical images to reach across cultures, religions and differences, touching the common human desire for happiness, love, and understanding. Trees of light are parallel to the “tree of life” motif symbolizing continuance and beneficence. A bee swarm is a demonstration of the health and optimism of a community. All the images used in my work are from my personal experience, such as jewelry bought in thrift shops, fruit from my garden, or serendipitous situations that I have been fortunate to photograph. This image was developed from a photo of lights in a tree taken February 14, 2009 in downtown Manhattan. It is my wish that viewers will discover the possibility of signs in unexpected places, and my hope that even though the images are not understood as a written or spoken dialogue, their intrinsic beauty will allow passersby to find the sacred in all of life. I view the work as an opportunity to give an unexpected visual gift.

I work closely with the wheat paste artist 2xShin whose installations have been called “art posters”. I hope that this “Tree” will be placed in New York at the end of December. The blue backdrop is the type of visual situation in which I would like to have 2xShin place the work. After being pasted up, it will have a short life because of the elements, and will eventually weather off the surface it has been placed.

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that the elements of visual expression (design) are the foundation of creative work in all the visual arts. I am concerned that students have sound, basic information about the components of design and principles of color. I believe in real books, textiles from all over the world, Japanese design principles and that Cezanne is the “father of us all”. I teach my students that an education in the arts develops the mind and opens the heart.

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