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FACULTY SHOW 2009: Recent Work by SRJC Faculty

November 5 - December 12, 2009


Alan Azhderian, HELP
found and cut painted wood squares, 15" x 45"

Artist Statement

I see my pursuit of “art” as essentially tied into my growth of understanding. “Art ” making is a way of engaging time, energy, materials, and content. Making art serves as a processing tool, moving perception through cognition towards meaning. For me, the purpose of art making is to find, create, organize and express meaning. I have some affinity with Dada and Dada's concern for found materials. I am disposed to gather, collect and sort; compelled by an attraction to material, I pick up, process, place, and pack.

In what ever I do, I seek to create processes that are engagement friendly. Processes of engagement are in the doing: exploring, searching, finding,
collecting, sorting, comparing, contrasting, evoking, feeling, considering, choosing, combining, changing, musing, composing.

Flotsam and jetsam float about in time and space until valences of proclivity and ephemeral gravitational attraction conspire to unite the various, disparate objects/materials into affinities, a transformation of aggregations into formal relationships evoking metaphor.

Teaching Philosophy

My view is grounded in the belief that human-beingness inherently involves problem solving and choice making. In terms of individual learning, art provides the fullest combination of human resource and response. The process combines perception, intellect, spirit, material, history, utility and expression. It is a complete experiential learning process, at once universal and individual. Through art and experiential learning, I teach to develop self-awareness, engagement, appreciation, and productivity.

My teaching aims to develop understanding in two areas: art practice/theory/history, and self-understanding/growth. Solid content, art fundamentals, critical evaluation, and high standards of performance are central to my approach. The development of self-awareness through the use of metacognitive strategies is a secondary focus. Curriculum content is activated by careful preparation and organization, and includes a variety of approaches, styles, and methods, which account for individual differences.

Learning is the meeting ground upon which the individual explores and integrates the material. This exploration is materialized in the processes of making art. When the processes of perception, cognition, and imagination interact with the physical processes of “making”, learning is integrated not only cognitively but affectively as well.

Such learning derives and extends meaning through the experiential process. The teacher's job is to encourage the exploration of these “inner” and “outer” worlds and to assist the individual to an increasingly productive response through the disciplined cultivation of the tools, skills, and content, which form the methods for and material of learning. Art is quintessential, experiential learning. I believe in the interactive growth of the individual in a world of experience and people, and that making art, as a process, unifies the form and content of such exploration and integration.


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