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WORKING WITH WAX: Contemporary Encaustic Painting in Northern California
Curated by Thomas Morphis

January 21 - March 6, 2010

Hypnagogia 2

Tracey Adams — Hypnagogia 2

Artist Statement

Art and music have always played huge roles in my life. I studied piano for many years, then earned my advanced degrees in composition and conducting, while simultaneously enrolling in drawing and painting classes. In 1992, I arrived at a critical moment when I had to decide whether to devote all my time to music or to art. Art won.

Art and music share so many elements, technically different though they are. It is their similarities that engage and fascinate me, what bridges the two creative disciplines. By nature, I am organized and structured, enjoying being in control. My strongest work results when I’m not in control in the studio. Recently, I have arrived at a balance and blending of these two approaches. I will work for several hours with a roll of Japanese paper not looking at or reacting to what I’m doing, simply responding to whatever comes up. On another day, I may create a group of intaglio prints or paint several layers of an encaustic painting; both require conscious thought with regard to process. These works on paper are then cannibalized, cut up into fragments. With this new body of fragment works on paper, I look for elements among them that are synergistic, elements that will coalesce into a balanced and successful composition.

Working in series, developing subsequent pieces from those just created, like theme and variations, I exhaust the possibilities for exploration. Many times I will scrape down or paint over existing paintings or works on paper that are not successful, aware that I must create something much stronger and powerful. Influenced by nature and the rural coastal environment where I live, I am drawn to patterns, puzzles, geometry and the endless connections I’m able to make within that realm.

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