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WORKING WITH WAX: Contemporary Encaustic Painting in Northern California
Curated by Thomas Morphis

January 21 - March 6, 2010

Untitled (ladder for climbing)

Julie Nelson — Untitled (ladder for climbing)

Artist Statement

after years of work in the studio, my artistic interests have boiled down to one simple aim...

to make objects that are inspired by the crystalline order and beauty underlying the material world

this order can be described by mathematical models and particle physics

but art is able to more directly embody and express the intangible, felt experience of the elegant principles which underpin the visible world

as georgia o'keeffe said about making paintings, “nothing is less real than realism”

abstraction in art acts as a “meta-language” that can perhaps more overtly reference meta-physical subject matter

stripped down to the barest of visual components, the vocabulary of my work does not subscribe to the norms of ocular vision

without much color, contrast, or spatial depth, the work invites the more subtle perceptual faculties to respond to its quiet nature

with its focus on contemplative quietude and visual silence

this work speaks to the deepest wholeness and awareness residing in each of us

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