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WORKING WITH WAX: Contemporary Encaustic Painting in Northern California
Curated by Thomas Morphis

January 21 - March 6, 2010


Howard Hersh — Lineback

Artist Statement

In my latest body of work, the use of multiple panels continue to serve my intentions well. That is, to represent my view of the world around us. By creating these multiple panel paintings, I'm illustrating the connectivity and unity between all things.

While separation between races, religions, and species seem to be a political issue; I strive to show differences as a matter of perception. This is where the Arts can succeed. Without words, our minds are free to create associations.

In one way or another, this has been a theme that has dominated my work for 25 years. Whether it was integrating the figure into a landscape, or showing similarities between Nature and man-made objects, I'm painting about the Gaia principle. Even when I move from painting to painting, there is a continuous thread that moves through the work.

My other concern is that of creating beauty. By working with encaustic, an ancient hot wax technique, I can create works that feel “friendly.” That is, a painting that invites and draws the viewer in.

An artist's job is to express our inner selves. However, this is only a path on the journey, and not an end in itself. So, I continue.

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