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CalWORKs employment Services

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SRJC-CalWORKs Employment Services
CalWORKs Employment Services

School, work and financial independence - it’s hard work!
There’s no doubt about it - holding a job and going to school is hard work. But does it pay off in the long run? Yes! Studies in California have shown that the more community college classes you take, the more money you will make. Even students completing less than 12 units doubled their yearly median income by ultimately working more hours for better pay. Students who completed certificates or A.A. degrees increased their median income by 3 to 5 times!

One of our goals at CalWORKs is to help you see the connection between what you are doing now and how it will pay off for you in the future. Investing in your education, training and career path now will bring real, life-changing benefits for you and your family.

School and work – everyone does it differently. CalWORKs Employment Services is ready to help you move in the direction of your dream job and pay check.

What is a dream job? This is the job that is your ultimate career goal. How do you identify this goal? Many students benefit from a Career Development class or other career exploration activities. These can help you to understand more about yourself and the types of jobs that would be a good “match” for you. You will learn about educational requirements for the job, what tasks you would be required to complete, the work environment, the availability of jobs in your community, the pay rate, medical and other benefits available to you and your family, and the hours of work. But equally as important is identifying what truly interests you. If you take the time to explore and learn, the steps towards your dream job in your chosen field of work will be easier to take.

How will I get a job in my chosen field of work?
This will depend on your skills, where you are in meeting your educational goals, and your work history. You may need to start in a job that helps you to survive. This type of job pays the bills and can help you start a work history for your resume.

You may also get an entry-level job in your chosen career field. This may mean you work as a receptionist in a medical office when your actual goal is nursing. You earn money to pay your bills, you gain exposure to your chosen career field, and you build your resume.

Another type of job helps you to transition from a lower level job in your chosen field to something with more responsibility and more pay. This further builds your skills and your resume.

A dream job is your ultimate goal – the job that you have worked so hard to achieve. It may take months or years to reach this goal. You may need to complete your education and work in entry-level or transitional jobs before you are qualified, but patience, hard work and a good career path plan will get you there.

I am afraid to look for work.
It is sometimes difficult to take the risk of looking for work, especially if you have not worked outside of the home before or want to change the type of work you do. Don’t let fear get in the way! Take that energy and use it to build your job search skills so that you are well-prepared when you go to an interview. Remember that almost everyone you see working had to apply for his or her job.

How can you help me?
The staff can help you in a variety of ways. Each student is unique so we do not provide a “one size fits all” service.

  • CalWORKs Study jobs. Many TANF students are eligible for paid on-the-job training opportunities that will not reduce the TANF grant. These jobs can be either on-campus at SRJC or off-campus with a public or private employer.
  • Job search
  • Career exploration
  • Resume development and how to complete a job application
  • Interview preparation
  • Help with identifying potential employers
  • How to complete informational interviews
  • Legal issues
  • Connecting with other job search resources through the college, SonomaWORKS or in the community
  • Developing your own career path
To learn more about the CalWORKs Employment Services, please call the SRJC CalWORKs staff at (707) 527-4766.

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