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Students Advice to New Students

First Year Experience (FYE) Classes
First Year Experience Banquet

Students’ Advice to New Students

FYE Students“As a student who has taken Counseling 10, I would like to tell you to take advantage of this class. Do all of your work and take the class seriously. Counseling 10 has enlightened me about many of the campus resources that I may not have heard of otherwise.”

“[FYE] is the best way to have a support group your first year. Being this close to our instructors really helps. I enjoy having teachers that I can talk to.”

“To all the incoming freshmen, I have some advice to all of you. Make friends with as many people as possible. Your friends here will help you greatly.”

“My biggest piece of advice is to slow down and do everything step by step. I would tell new students to use their time very wisely and to take a breath and face your new environment calmly. Be on time and straighten your priorities. I would definitely recommend that new students take the FYE class because it is a good way to start their college experience.”

“I think you should take this class because you can get to know new people from different places. It helps you because it gives you information about the college and can help you a lot.”

“It is a good idea to take this class if you are not sure about your mission in life, if you don’t know why you are in college, or to plan how to get through college. We discuss with our classmates who we are, our dreams, goals, and passions.”

“When taking this class, do all the assignments to the best of your ability. Don’t stress yourself out when you have a busy day. . . . It always helped me to take homework with me to work just to finish or to work on it during my lunch or on my break.”

“To be open-minded is a great power in life.”

Learning Community – English and Counseling Together

Student at AS Retreat“The [FYE] learning community is a chance for you to discover your talents and strengths to live a meaningful life. At first, the new college experience may seem daunting, but don’t give up. Focus on your dreams and dig deep inside yourself to find what you value most and follow it. I hope this new experience will encourage you to learn in college and make a new beginning.”

“You should take English and COUN through the First Year Experience Program because the teachers are wonderful. They come to class making sure you understand what they are teaching you. They are very understanding and open . . . they are easy to communicate [with} [and they] make time after class to talk about your issues or concerns. If you are interested in making friends, this class could easily benefit you. You go from one class to the other with the same students.”

“It’s good if you want to connect with your classmates. You actually talk to them in these classes. English was one of my favorite classes, and I am excited to learn more about majors in the second semester. We also go on field trips.”

“. . .if you have no idea where you want to go or what you want, you will get so much help receiving this English/counseling newcomers class. Students taking this course will learn so much about themselves, as well as how their campus works.”

“The classes certainly helped me to determine the kind of career I really want. The topic of knowing of “Who am I” helped me know more of myself, my goals, and my vision. I do recommend this class to all students!”

“If you take the Learning Community program, you’ll get what you need. You’ll learn a lot more about the campus and what this school has. You’ll take field trips as well. Never be late.”

“. . . It’s fun to have the same people in two classes. You make tons of friends. Don’t worry about the faculty interviews. Instructors are just people. The counseling class definitely helped me decide my major and future classes. Good luck!”