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Frequently Asked Questions About the Health Fee

What is the Student Health Fee?

The Sonoma County Junior College District has elected to establish Student Health Services as part of the college community. The Board's intent in providing Student Health Services for students is to assist them in fulfilling their educational and personal goals through a variety of health promotion activities and services that contribute to student retention and academic success. The Board is allowed by California Education Code (76355) to charge a Health Fee to students to fund this service. Student Health Services is funded by a Health Fee charged to students enrolling in credit courses during registration. This fee is currently $19 for each fall and spring semester, and $16 for the summer session. The maximum amount of the Health Fee is determined by the Education Code. Title 5 (Division 6, Chapter 5, Subdivision Chapter 7) of the California Community Colleges Administrative Code includes regulations that broadly outline services that may be provided, based on a public health model.

What does the Health Fee pay for?

The Health Fee is used only to fund services provided through the Student Health Services department. This covers the salaries of clinicians and staff employed in the two health centers, established on the Santa Rosa and Petaluma campuses. The fee also pays for medical supplies, health education materials, contracts with professional staff, and other operational costs. A range of services for both the college community at large, and for individual students, are provided, with a focus on communicable disease control and broadly supporting the health needs of the student population.

What individualized services are available for students?

  • Free assessments by nurse practitioners, physicians, and mental health providers
  • Treatment for acute injuries and illnesses
  • Referrals for students needing care outside the department’s scope of service.
  • Tuberculosis screenings
  • Immunizations
  • Assistance with meeting health requirements associated with academic programs
  • Health screenings, health education and health counseling
  • Free over the counter items, such as ibuprofen, condoms, and band aids.
  • Information on low-cost student health insurance, Medi-Cal and CMSP
  • Assistance with Student Accident Insurance claims
  • In partnership with community agencies at the Santa Rosa campus, the following is offered:
    • Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections
    • Birth control counseling and services

Why doesn't the BOG program waive the Health Fee anymore?

In September 2005, California passed Assembly Bill 982, changing the Education Code to allow local districts to remove the Health Fee from the BOG waiver program, in order to keep health centers viable on our community college campuses. In the past, whenever a BOG fee waiver was granted to a student, the Health Fee was not collected, and this resulted in a direct loss of funding for Student Health Services. This loss has not been recovered by any other funding source. More students have qualified for the BOG waiver in recent years, and thus, funding for Student Health Services has dropped significantly. Major cutbacks in health services, staff and access hours have been implemented over the past three years, despite an obvious increase in need for services. The District authorized the change in removing the Health Fee from the BOG waiver program, effective Summer 2006.

I am receiving Financial Aid. Will my Financial Aid pay the Health Fee?

Yes, it can. Any fees, including the Health Fee, due to Santa Rosa Junior College will be deducted from your financial aid checks before being sent out to you. This applies to grants, loans, and outside scholarships. I am a Doyle Scholar. Can my Doyle Scholarship pay this fee? Yes, it can. Doyle Scholarship award amounts range from $1000 to $1600 per year for full-time students. Your award letter shows your Doyle award amount, and your Doyle program guide explains that any fees, including the health fee, that is due to SRJC will be deducted from you Doyle check before being sent out to you.

I probably won’t use Student Health Services for myself.  Why do I pay the Health Fee anyway?

The Health Fee invests in keeping the entire college community healthier. When any individual student with a communicable disease is being treated by Student Health Services, this keeps all the other students (and faculty) in the classrooms healthier by reducing their exposure to infections. The psychological services crisis drop-in offers assistance for distressed students, which potentially keeps disruptive situations out of the classrooms, assuring a healthier educational environment for all students. Student Health Services staff participates in college wide public health and safety activities that address the health needs of all students. All individual students are encouraged to access the broad range of services, resources and information in Student Health Services, all funded by the Health Fee.

Other financial support resources at Santa Rosa Junior College to consider: EOPS/CARE, CalWORKs, Financial Aid Office, Scholarship Office, Doyle Scholarship, Associated Student Book Loan program, Child Development Training Consortium, Disability Resource Center.

Are there any waivers allowable for the Health Fee?

The District currently allows waivers for students during the term they are enrolled in Study Abroad programs, incarcerated students, students in qualified apprenticeship programs, and students that rely exclusively upon prayer for healing (form available in Admissions and Records).

Where can I get more information?

For more information about health services and programs available at Santa Rosa Junior College, please visit the Student Health Services web site at Student Health Services offices are located at Race Building, Room 4017 on the Santa Rosa Campus (527-4445) and at Call Hall, Room 610 on the Petaluma Campus (778-3919).

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