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Student Rights Responsibilities

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Matriculation is the process which brings the College and a student who enrolls for credit into an agreement for the purpose of developing and realizing the student's education objective.

The student has the right to the following matriculation services: Admissions, Skills Assessment & Placement Testing, orientation, Advisement & Counseling and Follow-up services (when needed).

The student has the responsibility to express a broad educational intent at entrance & declare a specific educational goal following the completion of 15 semester units, attend classes regularly & complete assigned course work, adhere to all college rules, regulations & policies and cooperate in the development of a student education plan within 90 days after declaring a specific educational goal.

Note: the College may withhold matriculation services from students failing to cooperate in meeting the above expectations.

Each student is entitled to:

  1. Participate in the development of his/her student educational plan. A student who believes the college has not afforded him/her the opportunity to develop or implement this plan may file a complaint with the Dean of Counseling's office in Bailey Hall;
  2. Equal opportunity to engage in the educational process regardless of sex, marital status, physical handicap, race, color, religion or national origin. A student who alleges he/she has been subject to unlawful discrimination may file a grievance with the District Compliance Office in the Button Building;
  3. Challenge any prerequisite, using established procedures through appropriate channels, on one or more of the following grounds:
    1. the prerequisite is not valid because it is not necessary to succeed in the course for which it is required;
    2. the student has the knowledge or ability to succeed in the course despite not meeting the prerequisite;
    3. the prerequisite is discriminatory or is being applied in a discriminatory manner; or
    4. the prerequisite or corequisite course is not reasonably available;
  4. Challenge his/her placement test results, retake the placement rests, and request to enroll in a course which is not recommended by the course placement process; and
  5. review the matriculation regulations of the California Community Colleges and file a complaint when he/she believes the College has engaged in any practice prohibited by these regulations.

The regulations are available and complaints may be filed in the office of the Vice President, Students Services in Bertolini Student Center, 2nd floor.

Santa Rosa Junior College is officially accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges