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Forms and Procedures for SRJC Faculty

Use the links below to access forms and procedures for SRJC faculty.

  FSSF (Fair Share Service Fee)
292 KB
  Nomination for AFA Executive Council
1 MB
  PAC Voluntary Payroll Deduction Contribution (AFA Political Action Committee Contribution)
340 KB
 Adjunct Faculty:
  EVALUATION Forms for Adjunct Faculty
      AFDAF (Adjunct Faculty District Activities Fund)
48 KB
      AFDAF Interactive Timesheet (print on yellow paper)
951 KB
      AMBP (Adjunct Medical Benefits Program) March & September enrollment
815 KB
      UI (Unemployment Insurance)
  Contract Faculty:
  EVALUATION Forms for Contract Faculty (see below for Tenure Review evaluations forms)
      PGI Summary of Activities revised Fall 2013 (.pdf)
229 KB
      PGI Summary of Activities revised Fall 2013 (.doc)
258 KB
      Seniority List (.pdf)
64 KB
      Seniority List Research Request Form (.pdf)
116 KB
  Tenure Review & Evaluations for Probationary Faculty:
  TENURE REVIEW EVALUATION Forms for Probationary Contract Faculty
      Guide to the Tenure Review Process for Probationary Faculty (Spring 2015)
188 KB
      Guidelines for Evaluating Classroom Teaching (revised June 2012)
160 KB
  Hourly Assignments:
  60% Load Form - Obsolete  (Like-load histories now established under the 67% load max. Ed Code §87482.5)
520 KB
  Departmental Hourly Assignment Procedures (HAPs): 
  (Listed alphabetically by department. New provisions in May 2014 TA.  See TA Article 16.03.)
    Agiculture/Natural Resources (11/2011) - Agriculture, Ag. Business, Ag. Mechanics, Animal Health, Animal Sci., Equine Sci., College Farm, Horticulture, Natural Resources Mgmt., Sustainable Ag., Viticulture, Garden Program, Wine Studies
    not yet reviewed by AFA for Contract Article 16 compliance.
827 KB
    Applied Technology (11/2009) - Applied Technology, Architecture, Civil Engineering Survey Tech., Construction Mgmt. Tech., Environmental Tech., Surveying, CAD Lab, Electronic Tech., Engineering, Geographic Info. Systems, Waste Water Treatment
    Art (4/2011) - Art, Art Gallery
268 KB
    Behavioral Sciences (9/2008, updated 12/2012) - Behavioral Science, Anthropology/Native American Studies, Psychology, Sociology, SRJC Museum
152 KB
    Business Administration (6/2009) - Banking & Financial Svcs., Bus. Admin., Bus. Bookkeeping, Bus. Genl., Bus. Mgmt., Bus. Marketing, Bus. Ofc. Tech., Hospitality, Human Resources, Paralegal Studies, Real Estate
405 KB
    Business Office Technology (BOT) - The BOT department, including Electronic Technology, was dissolved on 7/29/09. Each BOT course at the date of dissolution became part of the Computer Studies Department, or the Business Administration Department, or became inactive.
    View the MOU.
860 KB / 796KB
316 KB
460 KB
    Computer Studies (5/2013) - Graphic Design/Applied Graphics, Computer Studies, Computer Info. Lab, Lab - Maggini
    reviewed by AFA; annotations note areas of non compliance with Contract Article 16.
2.5 MB
    Consumer and Family Studies (1/1996) - Consumer & Family Studies, Consumer Issues, Dietetic Technology, Fashion Careers, Floristry, Food & Nutrition, Interior Design
    FDNT and DIET (5/2013) expertise criteria
    Floristry (5/2013) expertise criteria - reviewed by AFA; annotations note areas of non compliance with Contract Article 16.
580 KB

1 MB

564 KB

    Counseling (7/2012) - Alcohol and Other Drug Studies, Guidance, Counseling, College Success Orientation
84 KB
    Culinary Arts
not available
    Disability Resources (1/1996) - L/Agriculture, L/Computer & Info. Sci., L/English, L/Guidance, L/Mathematics, L/P.E., L/Science, L/Special Ed., L/Speech & Language, Disabilities, Special Ed., Disabled Students - Job Training, Learning Svc./Non-special, Adaptive P.E., High Tech.
472 KB
    Earth and Space Sciences (11/2013) - Aeronautics, Astronomy, Earth Sci., Environmental Sci., Environmental Forum, Geography, Geology, Meteorology, Physical Sci.
258 KB
    English (9/2011) - English, English Labs, Skills/Writing, First Leaves, MAC Classroom, English Reading Lab, Theatre Ashland courses
119 KB
616 KB
    EOPS (5/2008) - Extended Opportunity Program & Services (EOPS), Care Program
664 KB
    Health Sciences - Associate Degree, Nursing (ADN), Community Health Worker, Dental Assisting, Dental, Dental Hygiene, Eval. Health Programs, Health Care, Health Ed., Health Occ. Adm., Health Skills Lab, Medical Assistant, Nursing-Aide, Nursing-Associate Degree, Nursing- Vocational, Pharmacy Tech., Psychiatric Tech., Radiologic Tech.
3.5 MB
1 MB
868 KB / 764 KB
    Kinesiology, Athletics & Dance (12/2003) - Physical Education, Kinesiology Aquatics, Kinesiology Combative, Kinesiology Fitness, Kinesiology Individual Sports, Kinesiology Lecture, Kinesiology Team Sports, Dance, Athletics
536 KB
    Learning Resources (under construction) - Library Information & Resources, Learning Resources
    Life Sciences (3/2013) - Anatomy, Biology, Botany, Microbiology, Medical Microbiology, Physiology
    reviewed by AFA; annotations note areas of non compliance with Contract Article 16.
1.8 MB
720 KB
536KB / 876KB
    Music (5/2008) - Music, Music (Performance)
1.3 MB
    Public Safety (11/2012) - Administration of Justice, Basic Academy, Modular Basic Academy, Ranger Academy, Corrections, Emergency Medical Care, Fire Technology
416 KB
    Social Sciences (1/2009) - Economics, History, Political Science, Social Science
116 KB
    Theatre Arts (11/2008, updated 12/2012 Special expertise requirements pending) - Theatre Arts, SRT
692 KB
712 KB
  FTTF (Faculty Technology Training Fund)
168 KB
80 KB
  Mike Meese Memorial Foundation Donation
  Voluntary Payroll Deduction for Instructional Program Fund
552 KB



  Phone: 707⁄527–4731 FAX: 707⁄524–1762 Last Update: 03/25/15