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Article 21 ver2007-09


2014–17 AFA Contract - Articles

The District and AFA have reached agreement on Memoranda of Understanding (MOU’s), which are written agreements or changes to the Contract that are in force. MOU's subsequently become part of the next Tentative Agreement and go to the AFA membership and the Board of Trustees for voting approval. Click here to view a complete listing of all approved MOU's.

Records of formal Contract interpretation (per Article 6.03) are linked below next to the corresponding Article number.

  ALL ARTICLES -     2014-17 All Contract Articles (3.8MB)
  Table of Contents -     with jump links to Article PDFs (496KB)
  Article 1     -     Agreement to the Contract (524KB)
  Article 2     -     District Rights (41KB)
  Article 3     -     Association Rights (512KB)
  Article 4     -     Non Discrimination (500KB)
  Article 5      -     Professional Dues, Fair Share Service Fees, and Payroll Deductions (33KB)
  Article 6     -     Interpreting Contract Language (66KB)
  Article 7      -     Definitions (606KB)
  Article 8      -     Academic Calendar (512KB)
  Article 9      -     Academic Freedom (78KB)
  Article 10     -     Benefits (582KB)
  Article 11     -     Conciliation/Grievance/Arbitration (111KB)
  Article 12     -     Contract Education (504KB)
  Article 13     -     Department Chairs (598KB)
  Article 14A    -     Regular Faculty Evaluations (217KB);  Evaluation Forms available online
  Article 14B    -     Adjunct Faculty Evaluations  (213KB);  Evaluation Forms available online
  Article 15    -     Faculty Svc Areas & Competency Standards, and Reduction in Force of Faculty Positions (86KB)
  Article 16

-     Hourly Assignments (631KB)
       Formal Interpretation: Load Balancing and Hourly Assignments
       Formal Interpretation: District Reassigned Time and Department Like-Load

  Article 17     -     Job Descriptions (594KB)
  Article 18     -     Leaves (143KB)
  Article 19     -     Parking (53KB)
  Article 20      -     Personnel Files (78KB)
  Article 21      -     Professional Growth Increments (PGI) (123KB)
  Article 22      -     Professional Development (94KB)
  Article 23      -     Progressive Discipline and Due Process (49KB)  Ed Code 87732
  Article 24      -     Retirement (532KB)
  Article 25      -     Sabbatical Leave (557KB)
  Article 26     -     Salary Schedule Development (82KB)
  Article 27      -     Salary Placement (532KB)
       Formal Interpretation: Summer Terms and Salary Placement
  Article 28      -     Special Educational Leave (106KB)
  Article 29      -     Substitutes and Report Faculty Absences(90KB)
  Article 30      -     Tenure Review (221KB)
  Article 31      -     Working Conditions - General Conditions of Employment (553KB)
  Article 32      -     Workload (586KB)
       Formal Interpretation: Load Balancing and Hourly Assignments
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