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AFA Advocacy

March 3, 2008 -- Community College Funding Crisis

Both the Governor's January Budget proposal and the defeat of  Proposition 92 have put necessary state funding for California Community Colleges in jeopardy. We all need to make the case that this  funding is essential for us to do our job of preparing the California  workforce of the 21st century. Eliminating college opportunity is not  the way to fix the state's fiscal shortfall.

Contact the Governor and your representatives in the Assembly and  State Senate. Tell them to support California Community Colleges, and  tell them why. Click here for a sample letter that you can download. You can find the contact information for your  representatives below. Find out who is your Assembly member at http://www.assembly.ca.gov/ (click "Find my District") and who is your State Senator at http://www.senate.ca.gov/~newsen/senators/districtmaps.HTP (click "Your Senator").

Contact information:
     The Honorable Arnold Schwarzenegger    http://gov.ca.gov/interact
     Governor of the State of California
     State Capitol Building
     Sacramento, CA 95814
     Phone: 916-445-2841
     Fax: 916-558-3160 ( new number )

     7th Assembly, Noreen Evans:      http://democrats.assembly.ca.gov/members/a07/
     The Honorable Noreen Evans
     State Capitol
     P.O. Box 942849
     Sacramento, CA 94249-0007
     Phone: (916) 319-2007
     Fax: (916) 319-2107

     6th Assembly, Jared Huffman:     http://democrats.assembly.ca.gov/members/a06/
     The Honorable Jared Huffman
     State Capitol
     P.O. Box 942849
     Sacramento, CA 94249-0006
     Tel: (916) 319-2006
     Fax: (916) 319-2106

     2nd District, Pat Wiggins:        http://dist02.casen.govoffice.com/
     The Honorable Pat Wiggins
     State Capitol, Room 4081
     Sacramento, CA 95814
     Phone: (916) 651-4002
     Fax: (916) 323-6958

     3rd District, Mark Leno:       http://dist03.casen.govoffice.com/
     The Honorable Mark Leno
     Capitol Office
     State Capitol, Room 4061
     Sacramento,  CA  95814

  Phone: 707⁄527–4731 FAX: 707⁄524–1762 Last Update: 04/28/11