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Select the 11/09 FACCC Presentation link to the right for step-by-step help with your benefits application.

Latest FACCC News about Filing for Unemployment Benefits 07.14.09


Adjunct Unemployment Insurance Benefits

AFA Unemployment "click to AFA" Update  
Appeal Letter: How to respond to a denial from EDD  (PDF)
  (60 KB)
Appeal: "27 Way to Avoid Losing your Unemployment Appeal"  (PDF)
Cervisi Decision  (PDF)
  (8 KB)
Community College PT Faculty Unemployment Compensation Handbook (PDF)  
(44 KB)
CUIC California Unemployment Insurance Code   
CUIC Sections re: Reasonable Assurance Continued Employment   
EDD Field Directive  (PDF)
  (8 KB)
EDD: A Guide to Benefits and Employment Services (PDF)  
EDD Website  
FACCC Part-Time Faculty Issues & Information  
FACCC Request EDD Resolution  (PDF)
  (36 KB)
FAQ's - Filing for Unemployment Benefits On-Line (PDF)
  (268 KB)
Guide to Filing for UI Benefits (11/09 FACCC PPt Presentation) (PDF)
 (252 KB)
Tips for Handling EDD Phone Interviews by Cliff Liehe, Adjunct Faculty at CCSF (PDF)
(320 KB)
  Phone: 707⁄527–4731 FAX: 707⁄524–1762 Last Update: 02/24/15