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AFA Members: VOTE !!! Ballots due noon Feb 24!


AFA Executive Council Candidates - CONTRACT FACULTY

Spring 2015 Elections

Fall 2015 thru Summer 2017 Term



     The election will be conducted online. Voting instructions will be sent via email to santarosa.edu accounts beginning Saturday, February 14. The deadline for casting a vote will be noon, Tuesday, February 24. Only current AFA members are eligible to vote in the election. Contract faculty members vote for the contract faculty representatives, and adjunct faculty members vote for the adjunct faculty representatives. Election results will be announced on the AFA website and via email. The Council will elect AFA officers and negotiators for the 2015-16 year at the Council meeting on February 25, 2015.

Alphabetical listing of candidates below.  Random listing will appear on ballots.

6 Open Seats — 8 Candidates    

Photo Filomena Avila


    I started my fulltime career at SRJC in January 2000. I have had the opportunity to be involved with SRJC in many ways, serving on many different committees, teaching and counseling, and was the department chair of Counseling, in what felt like the dark days of community colleges, for six years. Although those days were difficult, it afforded me the opportunity to understand the issues of full-time and part-time instructional and allied faculty. It is tempting to simply look at issues from one's perspective, yet if we are to represent "all" faculty, then it is important that our work and advocacy represents all faculty. I have served on AFA now for one term and would like to continue my involvement on AFA. I firmly believe that the only way to understand something is to become involved with it and actively engage in the process of advocating for all members of AFA. Nothing is ever as easy as it seems and yet we need to embrace the challenges and forge ahead advocating for SJRC adjunct and fulltime instructional and allied faculty.

Photo Shawn Brumbaugh


    I have been an instructor in the Life Sciences Department for ten years, the last eight years as contract faculty and the previous two years as adjunct. I have served on the AFA Executive Council for the past two years and I would be honored to represent the interests of all faculty for an additional term. SRJC has a long history of providing excellent education to the community we serve, and at the core of this excellence is the commitment of the faculty. As an AFA Council member I aim to listen to different viewpoints and will bring a pragmatic approach to finding solutions that best serve the interests of all faculty and strengthen the academic environment of SRJC. I also believe in taking a firm position on matters that promote fairness and just compensation for the efforts and talents that faculty bring to our institution as we continue to meet and adapt to future challenges.

Photo Karen Frindell Teuscher


    It has been my honor to serve on the AFA executive council since 2009, and as AFA Conciliation/Grievance officer for the past two years. I have also served on several District/AFA Negotiations Task Forces, and in doing so I have worked to help AFA and the District find solutions to issues such as Department Chair reassigned time and evaluations, class size, and lab workload. This semester, I joined the AFA Negotiations team. Through these experiences, I have gained a deeper understanding of the AFA Contract and the important issues surrounding salary, benefits, and working conditions for all faculty at SRJC.
    I have been a full-time faculty member in the Chemistry Department since 2003 and served as Department Chair since 2009, and I was the Interim Dean of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics during the 2012-2013 academic year. Having held these leadership positions has made me aware of the concerns associated with workload for contract and adjunct faculty, the scheduling of classes and labs, and the implementation of Article 16. I also have multi-site experience, having taught a split assignment between Santa Rosa and Petaluma in 2008-2009. Having a science background has enhanced my ability to serve faculty interests because I am able to use my analytical and research skills and logical perspective in making important decisions on behalf of my colleagues. I am committed to being a part of AFA and continuing my work on behalf of all faculty in the coming years.

Photo Michelle Hughes Markovics


    I have been an anthropology faculty member and AFA member since 2008. Currently, I am serving as AFA Vice President for Petaluma. Throughout my career at SRJC, I have served on many college committees and I have taught classes on both the Santa Rosa and the Petaluma Campuses. I am currently an elected member of the Petaluma Faculty Forum's Steering Committee (since 2009) and I hold the position of Department Chairs Council Liaison/Academic Coordinator for Petaluma. In these roles, I have worked with many of you to improve working conditions for all faculty.
     With all of the challenges we are currently facing in higher education today, we need a strong faculty voice. We need to work together to tackle issues such as shared governance, transparency and faculty working conditions. It is my hope to continue as a member of the AFA Executive Council and to advocate for you, the SRJC Faculty, in these matters and more. I appreciate your vote.

Photo Sean Martin


    I've been an AFA member since 1999. I'm currently serving as Vice President of AFA for Santa Rosa and as Co-Chair of the District Tenure Review and Evaluation Committee (DTREC). I'm just completing my third elected term on the Executive Council. I've participated in a broad array of shared governance roles at SRJC. I've served as a department chair and on several standing committees. In short, I believe my knowledge and experience working in the district has prepared me to effectively serve faculty interests.
     I believe in the power of a unified faculty. As an officer and member of the Council I have worked with my AFA colleagues to promote the interests of ALL faculty. As we emerge from this painful and protracted period of fiscal austerity, AFA has made remarkable progress in ensuring faculty sacrifices are properly recognized, that our salaries are restored, benefits preserved, and that adequate resources are provided to rebuild our programs. Though the budgetary forecast appears to be much improved, significant challenges remain, so it is crucial we sustain this effort. At the same time, our interests extend beyond compensation and workload. As the implementation of state legislation and increased demands of accreditation command much of the attention of our district, we must stand ready to contest any degradation of our professional status and to preserve our proper role in the governance of the college.
     Thank you for considering me to represent you in these efforts.

Photo Molly Matheson


    My desire to make SRJC a better place to work for all faculty drives my interest in becoming a part of the AFA council. Quality health benefits, working conditions and rank 10 salaries are important components of a positive work environment. I've been a member of AFA since I came to SRJC as an adjunct faculty member in 2002 prior to becoming a full-time faculty member in 2008. Just this semester I became a sabbatical replacement on the Council and am becoming familiar with the work of the union as a council member. As a librarian, Petaluma faculty member, member of the PFF Steering committee, and an Academic Senate senator for the past 2 ½ years, I am proud of the positive relationships I have developed with my faculty colleagues. I currently serve as the faculty representative to the Friends of the Petaluma Campus Trust and work with these community volunteers and SRJC Foundation staff to raise community awareness and funds for the Petaluma campus. My prior work in public and private industry required I listen, ask questions, and remain flexible as I worked collaboratively with others. I believe I bring a wealth of experience, a supportive demeanor and an inquiring mind to this position. I look forward to representing you.

Photo Jacqueline McGhee


    SRJC Faculty,
     Please consider voting for me to serve another term as one of your AFA Executive Council members. In addition to serving on the Executive Council, within the past three years I have also represented faculty as the AFA Vice President for Santa Rosa and as the AFA Conciliation and Grievance Officer. During that time I have established productive working relationships with the Council members, the Cabinet members, and the District. I would appreciate the opportunity to build upon what I have learned in the past three years in order to continue championing faculty rights here at SRJC.
     Before I secured my full-time position in the English department at SRJC I worked as an adjunct faculty member at three other community colleges, and I call upon this experience as well as upon close collaboration with my adjunct colleagues to remain mindful of the particular challenges faced by adjunct faculty at our institution. In addition, in my roles as Conciliation and Grievance Officer and as AFA Vice-President for Santa Rosa, I gained plenty of experience as a proponent of those faculty working their way through the tenure process as well as tenured faculty facing not just the regular evaluation cycle but also the increased workload demands made by the District since the budget cuts of 2009.
     I hope that my experience with AFA leadership, which could be characterized as enthusiastic advocacy of faculty rights, sounds like something you could support with a "Yes" vote. Thank you.

Photo Michelle Van Aalst


    My name is Michelle van Aalst, and I am seeking to represent you as an AFA Councilor. I have been an instructor for more than seventeen years, including fourteen years at the community college level. My experience in shared governance at my previous institution includes six years on Academic Senate, holding an officer position each of those years including senator-at-large and AS secretary.
     In 2013, I joined the SRJC English department, and in the spring of 2015, I became an AFA council member. I am particularly interested in and concerned with the issues being faced across the United States and in California regarding the protection and support of the rights of higher education faculty and of our participation in the direction of our individual disciplines. I believe that, in addition to the work that I perform daily as a teacher, there is nothing more important than involvement in the participatory governance process.
     If I am elected, my dedication to this position will acknowledge the vital role of AFA in shared governance. I will be a strong voice for first-rate faculty salaries and benefits, and working conditions that support the faculty in maintaining our reputation as one of the best faculty in the country. My goal is to advocate for and support the needs and interests of the SRJC faculty to the best of my ability. I humbly ask for your vote to represent you in this capacity.

  Phone: 707⁄527–4731 FAX: 707⁄524–1762 Last Update: 02/13/15