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AFA Members: VOTE !!! Ballots due noon Feb 26!


AFA Executive Council Candidates - CONTRACT FACULTY

Spring 2014 Elections

Fall 2014 thru Summer 2016 Term



     The election will be conducted online. Voting instructions will be sent via email to santarosa.edu accounts beginning Monday, February 17. The deadline for casting a vote will be noon, Wednesday, February 26. Only current AFA members are eligible to vote in the election. Contract faculty members vote for the contract faculty representatives, and adjunct faculty members vote for the adjunct faculty representatives. Election results will be announced on the AFA website and via email. The Council will elect AFA officers and negotiators for the 2014-15 year at the Council meeting on March 12, 2014.

Alphabetical listing of candidates below.  Random listing will appear on ballots.

Five Open Seats — Seven Candidates    

Photo Paula Burks


    I have been a member of AFA since I was employed at SRJC in 1991, and have served on the Council and as Secretary/Treasurer of AFA since Fall 2006. Serving on the Council and as an Officer has been a rewarding experience. My strengths are listening to all points of view and trying to find common ground and areas of agreement as the Council advises the AFA Negotiating Team. I would like this opportunity to continue to serve on AFA, and will do my best to listen to and represent concerns of all faculty related to our working conditions, salary, and benefits. I am especially interested in maintaining quality health benefits for faculty, ensuring that all faculty are treated fairly when hourly assignments are made, and attracting new, energetic faculty to serve on AFA. It is essential that we have strong leadership by faculty knowledgeable about our Contract and the interest-based bargaining process we follow during negotiations. If elected, I look forward to working for you and to hearing from you about any issues that should be addressed by our union.

Photo Mark Ferguson


    Serving our students here at SRJC certainly keeps me busy, however I believe it is important to do my part for our faculty union by serving on the AFA Executive Council.
    I have experience serving as grievance chair and lead negotiator for the faculty union at Chemeketa Community College during my previous "life" in Salem, Oregon. I also have experience serving as mediator and held offices of vice-president (frequently filling in for a frequently absent president) and secretary for the union in Salem.
    Although I may not be as politically savvy as others, I do understand this type of work comes with a variety of challenges. I am willing to put in the work to learn our contract and support our members' contractual rights to the best of my ability.

Photo Michelle Hughes Markovics


    With all of the challenges we are currently facing in higher education today, we need a strong faculty voice. We need to work together to tackle issues such as shared governance, transparency and faculty working conditions. It is my hope to join the AFA Executive Council and to advocate for you, the SRJC Faculty, in these matters and more.
     I have been an anthropology faculty member at SRJC since 2008, and have served on many college committees such as the Museum Advisory Board, the PFF Physical Education Taskforce and the Large Lecture Faculty Committee. In my six years here, I have taught classes on both the Santa Rosa and the Petaluma Campuses; these classes range from small lab classes to those taught in the large lecture format. As a result, I am familiar with the issues that affect faculty on both campuses and in many different classroom settings. I have also been an elected member of the Petaluma Faculty Forum's Steering Committee since 2009. In this capacity, I have worked with many of you to improve working conditions for all faculty, and have been a strong voice in support of faculty concerns.
     As a member of the AFA Executive Council, I will be your voice and a dedicated advocate for faculty interests at SRJC. I appreciate your vote.

Photo Andre LaRue


    In a career spanning 24 years at Santa Rosa Junior College I have served on numerous campus committees and worked with colleagues across disciplines.  I have taught as adjunct and regular faculty at both the Santa Rosa and Petaluma campuses.  And, I currently serve as Chair of the Social Sciences Department.
    I also serve on the Executive Council of AFA.  With your support I will continue to represent you.  It is imperative that SRJC faculty have a strong union voice to maintain just compensation, decent work conditions, and an environment conducive to teaching and learning. As your representative I will continue to advocate for all faculty.
    I humbly ask for your vote.

Photo Terry Mulcaire


    Since joining the AFA Executive Council in the Spring of 2011, I have enthusiastically embraced the opportunities and challenges of serving SRJC's faculty on the Council. Twice I've attended the California Community College Independents conference (a richly educational experience), served as AFA Publications Coordinator for 2012-13, and written AFA Dialogue pieces on Accreditation and Strategic Planning. Right now I'm in my first year serving as a member of the Negotiations team, climbing a fairly steep learning curve, and looking forward to putting the knowledge and experience I'm gaining in the service of our faculty in years to come. I believe in AFA—no other group on campus gets it better than we do that a strong, independent faculty is the indispensable core of an excellent college. I'm grateful for the opportunity that sitting on the Executive Council has given me to advocate for you, and I hope you'll give me the chance to keep contributing to this essential work. Please give me your vote.

Photo Karen Stanley


    My name is Karen Stanley, and I have been a full-time regular faculty at SRJC for 18 years in the Kinesiology, Athletics, and Dance Department. Twelve of those years included serving as the Head Women's Soccer Coach. I have taught at both the Santa Rosa and Petaluma campuses for 8 years. I have served on numerous committees over the years, including: the Academic Senate, IEPC, the Professional Ethics Committee, the New Faculty Mentor program, Faculty Fund for Advanced Studies Committee, and numerous Hiring and Tenure Review Committees.
     I have been actively involved in AFA as a member, including attending meetings, staying abreast of the various AFA issues and concerns, and understanding the AFA contract at a basic level. I understand many adjunct concerns and why they are unique. I understand the workload of lecture/lab faculty.
     I believe strongly in fairness, ethics, clear communication, transparency, professionalism, respect, kindness, humor when appropriate, and good health. If elected to the AFA Council, I would strive to represent all faculty with these qualities in mind. I plan on taking an active part in helping all faculty with issues regarding salaries, benefits, and working conditions.
     If elected, I pledge that I will be involved with new faculty outreach so that all newly hired faculty feel confident about their rights and responsibilities in the college regardless of their department and campus location.
     AFA is a tremendous and vital resource for faculty and I intend to offer my energy and enthusiasm to support its efforts. I ask for your vote so that I can begin serving.

Photo Jullie Thompson


    Since April 2009, I have served as a member of the Executive Council and as Publications Coordinator, Conciliation/Grievance Officer, and, currently, as AFA President. In these roles, it has been my privilege to work with a great number of the smart, dedicated individuals who comprise the faculty of Santa Rosa Junior College. In my capacity as President over the past year and a half, I have worked with many of you on issues pertaining to the Contract's articles on evaluations, salary, benefits, sabbatical and other leaves, hourly assignments, and more. I also represent our faculty and the contract while serving as the AFA liaison to the College's Strategic Planning and Accreditation efforts. AFA continues to work closely with the Faculty Association of California Community Colleges (FACCC) so that faculty concerns and interests are represented in Sacramento, and SRJC faculty are aware of what's happening in the legislature. My goals are always to provide the strongest advocacy and support possible for our faculty and to do so in a respectful manner, fostering collegial, effective relationships among faculty and between AFA and the District. As the State and the College rebuild after many difficult years of deep budget cuts, I will work hard to negotiate a contract that recognizes the excellence of our faculty and our committed service to students and the College. I respectfully ask for your vote so that I may continue to serve the faculty of SRJC.

  Phone: 707⁄527–4731 FAX: 707⁄524–1762 Last Update: 02/19/14