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Vehicle Requests

 To Obtain Services Call Ext. 4231

The District owns a fleet of vehicles consisting of the following: Two flatbeds, one cargo, one 7-passenger van, one pick-up, two 12-passenger vans, one 8-passenger van, one 15-passenger van w/ overhead luggage, two 15-passenger vans.

Requirements to drive a District vehicle:

Use of District vehicles is granted only upon completion of a written request signed by department chairperson. Also, completion of a District Drivers Clearance card through District (Campus) Police. This form is sent to the Department of Motor Vehicles and then reviewed by a qualified District Police Officer who will approve or deny the request.

Upon clearance, a copy of your DMV public driving record will be forwarded to Facilities Operations and will be automatically re-cleared annually as long as your employment continues.

An employee can at any time exercise the right to withdraw from the clearance process.

Priority use of District vehicles is as follows:

1. Athletic events and field trips beyond a 30-mile round-trip radius.

2. Meetings, conferences, business trips beyond a 50-mile round-trip radius and less than 250-mile round trip radius.

Pick Up & Drop Off:

All vehicles to be picked up and dropped off at the Facilities Operations yard.

Reminder: On Monday mornings the vehicles are safety checked and are not available for use until after 12:00 noon.


Cancel reservations when plans change and vehicle is no longer needed. A waiting list is kept in the Facilities Operations Department and canceled car reservations are rescheduled in accordance with the priority list. If it becomes apparent that a vehicle will not be returned on time, the requester must contact Facilities Operations ( 527-4231) for an extension of time. Vehicles must be returned at the scheduled return time (or extension time) as they may have been scheduled for back-to-back use.

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