Facilties Project Proposal Guidelines

To provide a more comprehensive and consistent level of information on facilities project proposals which demonstrates thoroughness in advanced planning and project impact analysis. Facilities project proposals should be based upon and consistent with program planning documents. The Facilities Project Proposal form is to be initiated by the supervising administrator upon his/her review of annual planning documents and the establishment of real facilities priorities. Facilities Project Proposal formsare for the proposed change of use/function or modification of instructional, administrative or support space, and facilities systems (structural, mechanical, electrical, telecommunications, etc.).
Service Requests are for simple repair or replacement of broken equipment or building components, including minor cosmetic upgrades.
Service Requests are departmentally initiated and are sent directly to Facilities Operations for review and scheduling. At the conceptual level, Facilities Project Proposals are initiated by the supervising administrator (assistant deans for academic programs, deans or operations directors for nonacademic programs) and are reviewed for submission to the facilities review process by the supervising administrator and component administrator. During the conceptual planning phase and after review and submission by the respective component administrator, the proposal is submitted to theFacilities Review Group (FRG),consisting of the District Vice Presidents, and Director of Facilities Operations, for review and prioritization. The Facilities Review Group forwards the proposal to the District Facilities Planning Committee (DFPC),which consists of faculty, administrators, classified and student representatives. After DFPC review, facilities project proposals are submitted to the Board Facilities Committee (BFC) for pre-Board of Trustees review and approval. Assuming appropriate review and funding support have been determined, projects are then submitted to the Board of Trustees for action.
1. Project Description The proposal initiator describes the project in terms of what is to be accomplished (i.e. conversion of lecture space to laboratory space, enlargement or reduction of space), the approximate amount of space (square footage) affected, does it meet ADA accessibility requirements, etc.
2. Project Justification The proposal initiator provides a simple, straightforward rationale for the proposed project, addressing programmatic and/or administrative needs.
3. Relationship to Long-Range Educational Plan The initiator needs to relate this project to current and long-range plans and how it affects the progress of other projects.
4. Impact on Costs -The initiator needs to address both staffing and equipment implications.
5. Cost Estimating and Project Scheduling - In consultation with the initiator and professional consultants, Administrative Services will develop for budget submission.
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