Hazardous Substances Projects
The amount of funding for the 1999-00 Hazardous Substances Program has been finalized within the Legislature. The Governor's budget as proposed will appropriate $8 million (General Fund) for Hazardous Substance Removal. The projects funded under this program will be 100 percent state funded. The $8 million budget will consider a total of 51 projects for funding out of the 346 hazardous substance projects submitted for the 1999-00 fiscal year. The remaining 295 unfunded hazardous substance projects will be reconsidered for 2000-01 fiscal year if state funds are made available.

1999/00 Approved Project

Los Guilicos Diesel Clean-up


2000/01 Proposed Projects

Removal of Hydrolic Tanks from Lounibos and Facilities Operations

Demolish Firing Range and Clean-up at Los Guilicos

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