Facilties Project Proposal

Project Title

Submitted by

1. Project Description (Actual work and estimated amount of space/acreage affected, accessibility meets ADA requirements):

2. Project Justification (Why the project is needed and what programmatic and/or administrative needs are addressed):

3. Description of how this project supports the District's long-range educational facilities plan (Supervising Administrator should explain how this project relates to current and long-range plans, and how if affects the progress of other projects -- delays, supports, etc.):

Project Status   Date & Initials  
  Concept Preliminary Pre-Bid
Initial Submittal    
Reviewed by Supervising Administrator      
Reviewed by Component Administrator      
Reviewed by District Accessibility Committee      
Reviewed/Approved by FRG      
Reviewed by DFPC      
Reviewed by BFC      
Reviewed/Approved by Board of Trustees      

4. Impact on costs


Is this project intended to accommodate and utilize existing staff
Yes No Maybe

Requires new staff
Yes No Maybe


Will equipment utilization necessitate electrical and/or HVAC structural changes and/or upgrades?Yes No Maybe

If so, please explain:


Functional Access

Have you consulted with the Coordinator of Enabling Services, Disability Resources, to assess the functional access of the project?Yes No

5. Cost Estimate

To be developed by Administrative Services based on information provided by the Area Dean.

  Concept  Preliminary Pre-Bid
Acquisition  $  $  $
Preliminary Plans  $  $  $
Working Drawings  $  $  $
Construction  $  $  $
Computers  $  $  $
Equipment  $  $  $
Furniture  $  $  $
Total Cost Estimate  $  $  $
Date of Estimate    
Source of Estimate      
Proposed source of funding      

5. Project Schedule

   Month (or Semester) and Year
Project Design  
Review by Division of State Architect/Other  
Review by Board Facilities/Board of Trustees  

6. Other comments

To submit, please print out your completed form and mail to Curt Groninga at Administrative Services.
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