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Board Facilities Committee

The Vice President of Administrative Services chairs this committee and develops the agenda. It meets monthly on the first Tuesday from 2 - 4pm in the Pedroncelli Board Room. The purpose of this committee is to review major facilities projects that may be brought before the Board of Trustees at its next meeting. The Vice President of Administrative Services works closely with the President, other component administrators and three Trustees in developing a coherent approach to facilities planning and management.

Meeting Schedule

1st Tuesday
2-4 P.M.
Pedroncelli Board Room


President/Superintendent: Dr. Robert Agrella
Board Members: B. Robert Burdo, Richard W. Call, Don Zumwalt
Component Administrators: Doug Roberts, Curt Groninga, Ricardo Navarrette, Mary Kay Rudolph
Administrators: Tim Bosma, Paul Bielen, Tony Ichsan, Ron Myers



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