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Data and Information Resources

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SRJC Planning

Data and Information Resources

Calendars, Cycles and Flowcharts

SCJCD'S Organizational Charts and Department Chairs

Academic Calendar
Academic Affairs Calendar 2014_15

PRPP Timeline Flowchart - 2008_10
IPC and PRPP Calendar - 2008_09
Six Year Planning and Accreditation Cycle
Planning Flowchart


Organizational Charts
Department Chairs - Spring 2015

Internal Resources

External Resources

Substantive Change Report on Online Courses, 2010

SRJC Student Survey, Fall 2010

Economic Development Institute
Emergency Preparedness
SRJC's Green Report - 2007
"The Green Report" - presentation
SRJC's Datamining - Outlook password needed
Student and Faculty Portals - Password needed
Regional Community Needs Assessment - presentation
SRJC's Reports Listings
SRJC's Office of Institutional Research

Sustainability design documents

Petaluma Phase II
Sonoma County Indicators - 2010
Local Economic Report - Fall 2009
Steps to Success: Analyzing Milestone Achievement to Improve Community College Student Outcomes - October 2009
PPIC's Closing the Gap: Meeting California's Need for College Graduates - April 2009
Economic Briefing - What's Ahead for Sonoma County - 2009

Technical Difficulties: Meeting California's Workforce Needs in STEM Fields - 2009
Executive Summary
Full Report
It Could Happen: Unleasing the potential of California's Community Colleges - 2008
California Community Colleges Distance Ed Report - 2007
California Community Colleges System Strategic Plan - current
California Master Plan of Higher Education - 1960_1975
California Labor Market Information
Other external data sources