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The Sonoma County Junior College's (SCJCD) planning website contains the key planning and budgeting documents to guide the institution in its decision making process.


SRJC aspires to be an inclusive, diverse and sustainable learning community that engages the whole person.


SRJC passionately cultivates learning through the creative, intellectual, physical, social, emotional, aesthetic and ethical development of our diverse community.

• We focus on student learning by preparing students for transfer; by providing responsive career and technical education; and by improving students’ foundational skills.
• We provide a comprehensive range of student development programs and services that support student success and enrich student lives.
• We support the economic vitality, social equity and environmental stewardship of our region.
• We promote personal and professional growth and cultivate joy at work and in lifelong learning.
• We foster critical and reflective civic engagement and thoughtful participation in diverse local and global communities.
• We regularly assess, self-reflect, adapt, and continuously improve.


Planning flowchart - Under construction

Planning Glossary


This mission statement is revised and the Board of Trustees approved the revision on October 8, 2013. For the full text, including the value statements, please see: