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incident command system


The SRJC President (or designated individual) is the Incident Commander in any disaster and is responsible for leading the Policy/Incident Command Section. The Incident Commander activates the Incident Command System (ICS) and Emergency Operations Center (EOC) when necessary and determines response priorities and strategies. When the President cannot be contacted, the first available person listed on the declaration list on page 3 of the Emergency Preparedness Handbook will serve as the Incident Commander until the President is contacted and can assume command. The Public Relations Manager, the Board of Trustees, and other advisors are included in the Command, and will meet with the Incident Commander as needed.


The SRJC Chief of Police (or designated individual) heads the Operations Section, coordinating District Police, Facilities Operations, Student Health Services, and the Environmental Health and Safety personnel.


The Vice-President of Academic Affairs (or designated individual) heads the Planning Section. This section collects, analyzes, and tracks incident information utilizing status boards. They also set goals and create timelines for other sections.


The Vice-President of Administrative Services (or designated individual) heads the Logistics Section. This section provides resources including personnel, equipment and supplies as well as contracted services. They also set up and maintain emergency communications.


The Vice-President of Business Services (or designated individual) heads the Finance Section. This section administers vendor contracts and payroll services. It maintains records for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reimbursement.

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