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A Department Safety Leader (DSL) at the Sonoma County Junior College District possesses Emergency Preparedness response knowledge and is ready to provide direction in a time of an emergency.

This Emergency Preparedness Web site is a starting point for those wishing to understand the duties of the Depament Safety Leaders. Department Safety Leaders are encouraged to add materials from this Web site to their existing resource of floor plans, evacuation charts, and quick reference guides.

Planning and preparedness are the two key elements to surviving a natural or human caused crisis. Anyone who has experienced large-scale disasters or even localized situations involving only a couple of people will admit their first feeling is of disbelief. That is OK. Their next thought should be, “What does my plan - what is the next step?” A plan will help you to move from disbelief to action.

The Department Safety Leader program provides each Department Safety Leader with simple guidelines that provide direction to your co-workers and students in the event of a crisis or disaster, thereby reducing the potential for injury, loss of life, and post traumatic worries.


  1. Place DSL vest, whistle and clipboard where it can be readily located in an emergency.
  2. Once a month, review a page from the Emergency Preparedness Handbook
  3. Once a year, DSL members should take a preparedness class, such as a CERT or COPE Course to enhance their preparedness abilities both at work and home.


  • Know recommended evacuation routes posted on the floors of each buildings, plus an alternate route, should an exit become blocked.
  • Be prepared to direct faculty, staff, and students to use these exits if you deem necessary or when directed by Administration, Police, Fire, or Medical staff.
  • Remember that situations as serious as a person firing a gun might be best handled by locking/blocking a door and staying hidden until law enforcement removes the threat.
  • Determine the locations of fire extinguishers, alarm pull stations, Emergency Preparedness Kit, Disater Response Kit, Emergency Preparedness Handbook, light sticks, flashlight, and stair chairs (for assisting people down steps).
  • Most important, call the 24/7 dispatch center at 527-1000 at the first sign of trouble so help will be on the way.

An Department Safety Leader is the first person in the chain of response from the initial crisis to a safe conclusion of the emergency by Police, Fire or Medical. Your job is to provide guidance and direction to allow people to leave an area safely.

List and Locations

This is a list of Department Safety Leaders current as of May 21, 2008. Please contact Toni Chase in EH&S at 524-1654 with changes and updates. Call Emergency Management Coordinator Don Silverek at 535-3789 to schedule a training or learn how you can receive your Dept Safety Leader vest.

Name DSL Vest Department Responsible Area
Alton, Loretta Yes English Emeritus Hall
Arnold, Pete   Life Sciences Baker Hall
Bagley, Gary   Mgr/Custodial Services Custodial Center
Barton, Mary Yes Custodian SR Campus
Basham, Jeff Yes Computing Services Computing Services
Bell, Kathryn Yes Adaptive PE Coord Lark Temps
Bernstein, Steve Yes Philosophy Emeritus Hall
Blue, James Yes Media Services Doyle Library
Ceser, Michael  Yes EH&S  1811 Albany Dr
Chase, Toni Yes EH&S 1811 Albany Dr
Chesbro, Walter   Lab Coord Maggini Hall 3rd Flr
Clark, Melissa   ESL Barnett Hall
Close, Linda   Accounting Bailey Hall
Cobourn, Judith Yes Lib Info Resources Doyle Library
Cohen, Steven   Asst. Dean Maggini Hall 1st Flr
Comish, Paul Yes Adaptive PE Lark Temps
Cuneo, Marie   Bus Administration Maggini Hall
Davis, Shirley   Multi-Curricular Lab Barnett Hall
Dickenson, Fred   Custodial Custodial
Diller, Kathleen   Health Sciences Race Bldg
Dobson, Carl   Fac Ops - Grounds SR Campus
Dolce, Lynn Yes Counseling Center Bailey Hall
Dunnivant, Linda Yes Health Sciences Race Bldg
Escher, Jason   Haz Mat Specialist EH&S Building
Ethington, Robert   Student Affairs Pioneer Hall
Feist, Wendy Yes PE, Dance & Athletics Tauzer
Ferrai, Elizabeth Yes Foundation Pedroncelli
Flyswithhawks, Brenda Yes Behavioral Sciences Emeritus Hall
Furukawa, Karen   Human Resources Button Bldg
Gachet, Charles   Yes Facilities Fac Ops - Pet
Gaglione, JoAnn  Yes Business Computer Lab Maggini Hall - 2nd Flr
Hinnenberg, Alison Yes Art Analy Hall
Ho, Xuan   Health Sciences Dept Race Bldg 2nd Flr
Hodenfield, Bridget Yes Human Resources Button Bldg
Hoffman, Celeste Yes District Police Pedroncelli Center
Horii, Karen Yes Computer & Info Sciences Maggini Hall 3rd Flr
Hotz-Steenhoven, Virginia   Disability Resources Petaluma
Hull, Rick Yes Fac Ops Maintenace Cmpnd
Hunt, Kim   AR&ED AR&ED
Idris, Kair   Warehouse Warehouse
Kalember, Kimberly Yes Admin Petaluma
Kalogiannis, Marie   AR&ED Petaluma
Kuula, Doug   Chemistry Bech Hall
Long, Sara   Admission & Records A&R Pet
Lopez, Dinna Yes Emeritus Service Ctr Emeritus Hall
Lo Pilato, Renee   Work Experience Bussman
Lua, Ilda Yes AR&ED Plover Bldg
Mason, Glenn Yes Custodial Custodial
Mattos, David Yes Fac Ops Fac Ops
McCauley, Leslie   Theater Arts Burbank Auditorium
McGinnis, Michael   Art Dept Analy Hall
McMullen, Ruth Yes Matriculation  
McPherson, Elizabeth   Resource Center 437 Elliott Ave
Megill, Ed   Planetarium Lark Hall
Megos, Beyene Yes Custodial Custodial
Michaels, Maryanne Yes EOPS EOPS
Miller, Lorinda Yes Student Health Sevices Race 1st Flr
Morohashi, Jo   Administration Petaluma
O'Toole, Anne   Media Services Doyle Library
Ochoa, Ruben Yes Facilities Ops Fac Ops - Pet
Orr, Verona Yes PHEDA  
Pereira, Freyja   Admission - Records Plover Bldg
Perkins, Linda Yes Mahoney Library Petaluma
Perlroth, Rebecca   Earth & Space Sciences Lark Hall
Poulsen, Kari   Children's Center Santa Rosa
Preston, Tim Yes Computing Services Petaluma
Prickett, Charles Yes District Compliance Bech Temps
Proulx, Shirley Yes Scheduling Petaluma
Rau, David   Doyle Library Santa Rosa
Reed, Vicki Yes Chemistry Bech Hall
Rich, Anita Yes Arts, Cultures & Com Emeritus Hall
Russell, Elona   MCL Barnett Hall
Scozzari, Maryanne Yes Theater Arts Burbank Aud
Soran, Pat   Media Services Doyle Library
Stanley, Karen Yes PE, Dance & Athletics Tauzer Gym
Stjern, Pearle Yes Health Services Race Bldg
Usina, Phyllis Yes Library Petaluma
Wilgis, Marlene Yes Health Services Race Bldg
Willis, Chris Yes Ag Pavilion Shone Farm
Wintermeyer, Alan   Nurse Practitioner Race Building
Ziccone, Deborah   Student Support Petaluma
Wycoff, Greg   Media Services Doyle Library
Zarate, Hilleary Yes Counseling  

Training Schedule

Santa Rosa Campus:

Department Safety Leader Course
Tue, April 20, 2010, 1 pm - 2:30 pm / Doyle Library 4245

Department Safety Leader Course
Thur, April 22, 2010, 11:30 am - 1:0 pm / Doyle Library 4245

Petaluma Campus:

Department Safety Leader Course
Tue, May 4, 2010, 1 pm - 2:30 pm / Rm 123

Department Safety Leader Course
Tue, May 6, 2010, 1 pm - 2:30 pm / Rm 123

(To be determined)


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