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frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who must pay for parking at SRJC?
All faculty, staff, students, and the public must share in the costs necessary to provide parking and transportation services under the Parking and Transportation Plan adopted by the college’s Board of Trustees.

Is my SRJC parking permit good to park in the surrounding neighborhoods?
No. A valid SRJC parking permit is only valid for SRJC properties. The cities of Santa Rosa and Petaluma have enacted their own parking permit program for specific neighborhoods. The only people eligible to purchase a permit are individuals who live in those neighborhoods. The residential neighborhoods surrounding the Santa Rosa and Petaluma campuses are posted Residential Permit Parking only.

Can I park in staff parking at night?
Students parking at the Santa Rosa Campus may park in staff reserved lots after 3 PM with the exception of staff "B" lot, which remains the only staff area reserved at night. Students may park in "B" lot after 7 PM. Students at the Petaluma and Windsor sites may not park in staff reserved spaces at any time Monday through Friday.

Why do you sell more parking permits than there are spaces?
Students need to remember that not all students are on campus at the same time and parking spaces turn over approximately three to four times a day and night with people coming and going. The purchase of a parking permit "Entitles parking when space is available."


Is SRJC a safe place to go to school?
Yes, however, college campuses are not immune to crime. Each semester the College has a population of approximately 36,000 students and several thousand staff, which is the equivalent of a mid-sized city.

The District maintains a Police Department to investigate crimes and to arrest violators on or about District properties. The Police Department keeps and makes available to students, staff, and the public its crime statistics for review at any time.

All persons who are at SRJC should practice the same basic common sense crime prevention strategies to minimize their risk of becoming the victim of criminal activity.

The Police Department provides crime prevention and personal safety seminars throughout the school year.

Who are the District Police?
The SRJC District Police Department is made up of the following categories of employees:

Police Officers – These are paid employees of the District who have been hired and trained to provide basic police services just like police officers hired for cities and the county. They patrol District properties, prevent crime, investigate crimes, apprehend violators, and submit criminal cases to the District Attorneys office for prosecution. They also investigate SRJC rules and regulation violations and refer violators to appropriate college administrators.

Support Staff – Paid employees of the District are hired and trained to provide support services to the college community through the Police Department.

Dispatchers are highly trained operators, most times with years of experience at different city and county Law Enforcement agencies. Their duties include filtering incoming calls, send appropriate law, fire or ambulance units, process all law enforcement related records and manage foot traffic inside the police station lobby.

Community Service Officers serve as parking enforcement officers. They perform a varity of tasks such as battery jumps, LiveScan and are site security officers at various locations.

Parking Attendants work to control staff parking lots during the day time.

Clerical employees assist with department paperwork.

Student Cadets – These are students recruited from SRJC’s Administration of Justice Program who are trained to work for the Police Department in a support role by patrolling the College, acting as a visible uniformed presence to deter crime, and to observe and report to regular department employees any criminal or District rules and regulation violations.

What kind of training do college Police Officers get?
All sworn Police Officers in the state of California must meet the same minimum hiring and training standards. These standards are regulated by the state of California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training under the Department of Justice.

Police Officers successfully complete an extensive police academy consisting of more than 700 hours of training prior to working as an officer. New officers must also successfully complete an on-the-job Field Training Officer Program with a training officer for three to four months prior to working alone as an officer.

New officers must also successfully complete their probationary period of at least 12 months in order to be an officer in good standing.

Do SRJC officers call the Santa Rosa Police Department when there is a crime on the Santa Rosa Campus?
All crimes that occur on or about District properties are investigated by SRJC Police Officers. All local enforcement agencies with adjoining boundaries regularly call each other for back up and support when crimes occur.

Sometimes SRJC officers assist other agencies and sometimes local officers assist SRJC officers.

If I see a crime or suspicious person on District properties, what number do I call?
You call District Police at (707) 527-1000.

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