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IT Support - E-mail Quotas and Size Limits

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Support type: E-mail: General Information
Last updated: Sep 17, 2012
Topic ID: 73

Topic Summary

Each SRJC E-mail mailbox comes with 100 MB of server storage. This means you can save up to 100 MB of E-mails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and other Outlook items on the server to be used with Outlook, Entourage, and/or Outlook Web Access.

It is the responsibility of SRJC employees to make sure their E-mail mailbox stays within these limits. When you get close to your E-mail mailbox limit, some functionality is reduced:

Size E-mail Functionality
0 - 100 MB E-mail functions normally
100 - 110 MB System will send E-mails warning that your account is almost full
110 - 120 MB E-mail sending ability is removed
120+ MB E-mail sending and receiving ability is removed

Things You Can Do to Save E-Mail Mailbox Space

About Attachments

Attachments to E-mails are limited to 10 MB in size. SRJC also limits the kind of attachment - if the file is an application for example, you will not be able to send it. However, you can zip (compress) the file and send it that way. Alternatively you can use File Depot to send files. File Depot will allow you to send files greater than 10 MB.