In an effort to provide a better experience to our Remote Users, the IT department has deployed a new Citrix Server in replacement of the currently ailing server. We have successfully tested the new server and we have confidence in its reliability.

To start using the new server, please go to the IT pages at and click on Citrix on the left menu OR just click on the following link: The old Citrix server link is still available (via the Citrix (Old) link on the left menu) The old Citrix server will be discontinued March 1, 2013.

For general support, please visit the Citrix Support pages at: 

For specific support regarding missing existing Personal Folder File (PST) in Outlook, please visit the below link or call the IT Help Desk at (707) 524-1765.

Because of budget constraints, the IT department will discontinue off-hours support for the Old Citrix Server, which is scheduled to go offline on March 1st, 2013. Please let us know how we can best server you!