Google will be on the SRJC campuses the week of April 23 doing mappings of public areas.

The Information Technology team has been working with Google on an indoor mapping project to bring interactive maps of the public spaces at the Santa Rosa Junior College (Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Southwest Center, Shone Farm and the Public Safety Training Center) to the community. This creates a unique opportunity to provide our students, faculty, staff and community visitors information about classroom, department, and service locations throughout the different SRJC locations. And we are on track to be the first California Community College to complete this project with Google.

Starting Monday, April 23, and continuing through the week, a team from Google will be visiting the SRJC and surveying public locations throughout the college community. They will be collecting data to assist with the accuracy of these indoor maps so the location and information Google Indoor Maps provide will assist the end user the most effectively. They will not be surveying or mapping any private or secure areas.

Here are a few ways students and visitors can use these indoor maps, some already available and others coming soon:

  • find buildings and classrooms on the first day of classes without getting lost. Like a GPS device for your car, Google Indoor Maps on your mobile device will lead you right to the classroom door.
  • search for the nearest bathroom, vending machine, or department.
  • use Google Latitude in conjunction with Google Indoor Maps between classes to meet up with classmates for study sessions.
  • access additional information using Google Indoor Maps including web links that take you directly to the department or lab website providing the most current information.

Many of the SRJC interactive maps are already available on mobile Android devices using the Google Maps application. In the near future, these maps will be accessible on desktop browsers as well. As the indoor maps become more functional, IT will be working with Google as well as the different departments on campus to help leverage these tools so our students, faculty, staff and community visitors can take full advantage of all of the features Google Indoor Maps offer.

Thank you in advance for your support. The Google team hopes to be as non-disruptive as possible and complete their work on each SRJC site in less than a day.