New Voice Mail System Upgrade Complete

Important: ID = Mailbox #, PIN = Passcode


Greetings College Community welcome back from Spring Break

The IT department completed the voice mail system upgrade over spring break.  The Santa Rosa Junior College voicemail system subscriber mailboxes and departmental trees were successfully migrated over to the new Cisco Unity Connection voice mail system. 


  • For clarification on individual mailbox greetings: Your greeting and PIN were migrated over to the new voice mail system and the access number (527-4999), will remain the same.  Messages in the retired voice mail system were not migrated over so you will need to login and check for any un-played messages. The retiring voicemail system will remain active until Friday April 4, 2014, so please log into the old system and check for messages.  The number to access the retiring voice mail system is 707-521-7999 or 7999 from on campus. When the system answers, follow the prompts and input your mailbox number and PIN. 

Note: If your message waiting indicator does not go off after listening to messages on the new voicemail system, you will need to log into the old system (x7999) and check for messages there as well.


·         New Voice Mail System (Cisco Unity Connection) and Office 365 Users: The new voicemail system offers unified integration with our Office 365 email system.  When you receive a new voice mail you will also receive this message within your email as an attachment.  This unified integration allows you to listen and delete the message from within your email client.  Deleting the email will also delete the voice message from the voice mail system and turn off the message waiting indicator on your campus phone.

      Below are the new steps to login into voice mail on the new system:


Access voice mail from your phone:

• Dial 4999 or press the messages button (envelope)

• Enter pin (passcode) followed by # (pound)


Access voice mail from another phone:

• Dial 4999 or press the messages button (envelope)

• Press * (star)

• Enter your ID (mailbox number) then # (pound)

• Enter your PIN (passcode) then # (pound)


Access voice mailbox from off campus:

• Dial (707) 527-4999

• When the system answers press * (star)

• Enter your ID (mailbox number) then # (pound)

• Enter your PIN (passcode) then # (pound)


NOTE: When you log into your mailbox the voice mail system will automatically play any new messages first. Once that is complete, you have several options that will be presented to you


Please visit the Santa Rosa Junior College IT website for voice mail and phone support.

Under the voice mail header there will be documentation on how to log into voice mail, tips and tricks, new user directions and a helpful menu flow chart.


If you have any questions please contact the Help Desk at 707 524-1765.