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The IT Blog is a good way to stay current on the latest information from IT including tips and tricks, maintenance updates, current outages, and more.

Annual IT Satisfaction Survey

Hello SRJC Community

IT would like your feedback to help us prioritize our activities and make sure we are focused on your needs as best we can with the resources and staff we have available to us. Last year your survey feedback indicated the greatest need was for more Help Desk help. We were able to add a second help desk technician and hopefully that is helping us to meet your IT needs more effectively.

Please take 10 minutes to give us your feedback. We use this information to help us with PRPP, Accreditation Standard IIIC and Strategic Planning. Thank you in advance for your feedback and inputs!

Below is the URL link to the IT satisfaction survey:

Email routing issue

Email routing issues are occurring with some SRJC email addresses. Looks like problem is limited to about 20 people involved with with an IT email testing project.

14:15 Update - issue resolved. 

Web Server Maintenance on Friday, March 29


The IT Department will be performing maintenance on the web server that services staff/faculty personal web pages on Friday, March 29 starting around 9:00am. The maintenance window will run from 9:00am on 03/29/2013 until sometime in the afternoon on the same day. Once the maintenance has been completed, a follow up email will be sent by the IT Department.

During the maintenance window you will not be able to make edits to your personal web pages ( – if you have one. The pages will still be viewable, and there shouldn’t be any down time.

No other services provided by the IT department will be affected by this maintenance.

If you have any questions, please contact the help desk at 707-524-1765.

Email Server Maintenance

Hello SRJC Community,

The IT Department is performing maintenance on our email servers and as a result, some users may see popup windows with messages like the one below:

busxis4 message

Please check the box next to “Don’t ask me about this website again”, and then click Allow.

Any message that speaks about, or Auto Discover is valid and should be allowed, trusted, or otherwise said “Yes” to.

Again, not all users will see a message like this, but if you do, you can safely acknowledge it.

If you have further questions, feel free to reply or call the help desk at 707-524-1765.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Security (SSL) Warning for - Safe to Proceed

Hello SRJC Community,

You may have seen a security (SSL certificate) warning related to in the last few minutes. We are aware of the cause of this warning, and it appears that the problem has been resolved.

It is important to note that without this notification to proceed, you would want to exercise caution if you get an SSL Security Warning.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the help desk at 707-524-1765. Thank you.

Important Notice for Cisco IP Phone Users

Hello SRJC Community,

This notice only applies to those staff/faculty members who have a new Cisco IP Telephone. This does not apply to anyone using a Mitel telephone.

If you have a Cisco IP Telephone, you may be aware of the online (web) interface for programming your phone, through the Cisco CallManager.

This notice is to inform you that as of March 1st, your password that you use to login to the CallManager website will be changed. In most cases, your username will NOT change.

Starting March 1st, The CallManager will be configured to sync with our main authentication system, and your CallManager username and password will be the same as the one you use for most SRJC services (Windows Login, Outlook Web Access, etc.)

If you have trouble accessing the CallManager website at any time, please contact the IT Help Desk at 707-524-1765.

For those Cisco IP Phone users who do not know about the CallManager website: We will be sending another email in the next week or two once we have developed online support documents to familiarize you with all the features, and how to best utilize them. Here’s a preview: By accessing the CallManager website, you’ll be able to perform routine tasks without needing to contact our department. Some of these tasks include: setting the do not disturb feature, controlling telephone forwarding, and programming speed dials, along with other new (and exciting) features!

Thank you.

Citrix - Old server will be powered off on March 1st, 2013

Hello SRJC Community,

This is a reminder of a notice that was originally sent last November. The old, ailing Citrix server will be powered off on March 1st, 2013.

If you have not yet switched from using the old Citrix server, please switch over ASAP. See this blog post for support resources to help with the transition.

If you need further help or have questions regarding Citrix or the old server being shutdown, please reply or give us a call at 707-524-1765.

Thank you for your attention!

Telephone System Updates

To the SRJC Community:

As you may be aware, the IT Department upgraded its telephone system last December. Although the system is stable, we are continuing work on some issues and making some configuration improvements:

Caller-ID functionality

  • For incoming calls, our users will notice Caller-ID information on their screens no matter if you have a Cisco Phone or a Mitel Phone.
  • For outgoing calls placed on a Cisco IP phone, the phone number you are calling from will show up on the Caller-ID screen on the phone of the person you are calling.
  • For outgoing calls from an old Mitel phone, the person you are calling will see the phone number 707-524-1550 on their Caller-ID. Because of technical limitations, we are currently unable to pass-through the specific number you are calling from, when using an old Mitel phone.
  • In the near future, the outgoing Caller-ID name field will read “Santa Rosa JC” on all calls, no matter if you call from a Cisco or a Mitel phone.
  • Users needing privacy when placing an outside call should dial 9 then *67 and then the number you are calling. This will block caller-ID information from being sent. (For example if you want to block Caller-ID information from being sent when calling 555-5555, please dial 9 *67 555 5555.)
  • The previous code 9 822 (phone number) that was used to allow Caller-ID information to be sent no longer works.

Faxes and Analog Devices

We have reconnected most faxes and analog devices to our IP Voice Gateway. After many weeks of troubleshooting we are feeling confident that we have reached a stable configuration in the back-end. If your fax is still failing, please contact the Help Desk at ext. 1765.

As always, if you are having any problems with your SRJC phone or computer please call the help desk (ext. 1765) and we will do our best to support you.

Thank you.

Login Change on Faculty Portal - SSNs no longer work

Beginning February 1, 2013, all students and faculty/staff will be required to log into their myCubby portal using their 9-digit SRJC Student/Faculty ID number and will not be able to use their SSN (Social Security Number) interchangeably in that field. Now is a good time to assure that you know your SID number or that you have it stored for quick retrieval.

If you do not know your 9-digit Faculty ID number for the Portal, use the following link to have it emailed to you:

Why the change?

Several years ago, in order to comply with Federal regulations and to protect our students/faculty/staff, SRJC transitioned to using a Student Identification number (SID), replacing the use of a Social Security number as the primary identifier for students. This is an added layer of protection that we have now added.

SRJC will continue to collect Social Security numbers, as they are necessary for financial aid recipients, federal tax credits, and state data reporting. But only the new SID number will be printed on all SRJC documents and records.

Thank you.

PRPP Users: Important Notice about Citrix Access

We want to inform all employees beginning work on their PRPP that they should be connecting through the new Citrix server at:

In an effort to provide a better experience, the IT department has deployed a new Citrix Server in replacement of the currently ailing server. To start using the new server, please go to the IT web site at and click on Citrix OR just click on the following link:

Please, remember to update your shortcuts and favorites. The old Citrix server is not being supported any longer and will be shut down permanently on March 1st, 2013.

Thank you for your attention.

Link to this page