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News Release Guidelines

The Public Relations Office wants to help you spread good and interesting news about Santa Rosa Junior College. The details you provide from the outline below will be used by Public Relations in briefs and news releases sent to the multimedia. Some information may also be used in the weekly internal newsletter, the Insider or on the Web site Spotlighting SRJC! Remember, all news items should be directed through and distributed by Public Relations.

Please submit details at least one month in advance of your event. Newspaper, radio, and television “calendar of events” sections in newspapers typically require news releases four to six weeks in advance. So, it’s important to submit your information early to gain coverage. If your information is about an event (lecture, performance, etc.), remember:

  • Only SRJC events open to the general public are eligible for a news release.
  • Events that are open only to students should be publicized through student announcement channels: The Oak Leaf (527-4401) and Bear Facts (527-4424).
  • Public Relations will help publicize events that are open only to faculty and staff when you submit information to the Insider at or to the Web’s Calendar of Events at Faculty and staff also often publicize internal activities via e-mail messages, departmental memos and flyers, posters, etc.

Suggestions for good topics for news releases include: regional, state, or national awards for students; unique instructionally-related activities (individual or teams); innovative instructional approaches; regional, state, or national awards for faculty and staff members; new academic programs or majors; workshops, seminars, and lectures by interesting speakers or on interesting and timely topics that are open to the public; when a new member is elected to the Board of Trustees or a trustee retires; performances by student groups, such as orchestra and dancing performances, etc.

News releases are generally be limited to 150 to 250 words, and should not include quotes or opinions. On occasion, extremely newsworthy items may justify a longer news release. In such cases, Public Relations will work with programs to complete these special storylines. 

Please feel free to call Public Relations at ext. 4266 or 4679 if you have questions about the news release process or e-mail Please use the following outline to frame the information you wish publicized.

Submitting News Release Information

Your Name:
E-mail Address:
Phone Number:
College Department or Unit:
Date You Want News Release Issued:

All news releases should be written and distributed by SRJC’s Public Relations Office. To provide accurate information for a release, include contact information above and answer the applicable information using the following outline. Forward this information to Public Relations either by e-mail or through the college mail.

Be sure to include the official name of the event or activity, as well as the names and titles of key individuals involved. PR will contact you for any follow up information. The news release will be distributed to all print and broadcast outlets in SRJC’s service region, and any related specialty or trade outlet.

WHO - Who is sponsoring the activity, event? Who is the speaker, performer? Who won the award? Who is the new administrator and position he/she has assumed?

WHAT - What is the event, its name, its unique value and activities? What is the award or contest? What prize was awarded?

WHERE - Where is the event or activity taking place? Where was the award given?

WHEN - When is the event/activity scheduled (dates, times)? When was the award presented?

WHY - Why is the event happening? What’s the benefit? Is it part of a series of activities? Why was the award given? Why is the activity so important?

HOW – How did the team win the award? How the event/activity came about?

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Please include ticket costs, where to purchase them, Web site address for more details, and other pertinent details.

MEDIA CONTACT: Include the name and contact number of the person the media should contact for more information: name, title, office phone, and e-mail address.

A PHOTO IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS. If you have a quality photo that reflects the activity, event, or person you are describing, e-mail the images as jpg attachments (or upload it to File Depot) with the news release information to or