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instructional milestones

SRJC Increases Learning Options

Santa Rosa Junior College’s total enrollment was more than 36,000 students in the spring 2008 semester, with over 53,000 students enrolled during the year. Several thousand students attended classes virtually via growing online classes from home or work. More than at any time in its history, the College is attracting people of all ages with an ever-increasing range of interests and goals. More home-schooled students are starting college courses in their mid-teens; more retirees are starting new careers or pursuing new interests by enrolling at SRJC.

College Enjoys Excellent Reputation

It takes the wisdom of a scholar, at times, to recognize the good fortune local residents have with a higher learning institution and community resource as far-reaching, diverse, thoughtfully planned, and as academically exceptional as Santa Rosa Junior College.

Campus grouds

With beautiful, park-like grounds, ample facilities, outstanding transfer and career training programs, rigorous academic standards, and a strong sense of community, the College has long enjoyed a reputation of overall excellence. SRJC faculty and staff enjoy a rich intellectual environment and many opportunities for public service and personal and professional growth. In countless and sometimes unseen ways, SRJC touches the lives and improves the circumstances of tens of thousands of North Bay residents — students and nonstudents alike.

A vast menu of educational choices awaits Santa Rosa Junior College’s enrollees each semester. University-bound students typically focus on core requirements, while many others train for a career in an array of occupational certificate areas. As reported annually by Community College Week, SRJC is typically ranked among the top 100 two-year colleges in the nation for the high number of students who transfer to four-year universities or colleges. Identified by the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Educational Statistics, examples of SRJC’s high ranking include:

  • In 2006, SRJC ranked 87th for awarding the most associate degrees in all disciplines to nonminority students
  • In 2003, SRJC ranked 3rd in the nation for awarding the highest number of associate degrees in arts and sciences, 21st in awarding associate degrees in all disciplines, and 85th in the total number of degrees awarded to minority students.

Highly Affordable College Education

campus grounds

Compare the average tuition and fees for a semester at a California State University or University of California campus to the costs of attending Santa Rosa Junior College; the difference is dramatic. SRJC has long delivered exceptional college instruction at some of the lowest per-unit fees in the nation. Students pay $20 per unit each semester; California nonresidents pay an additional $181; international students pay nonresident fees and an additional $29 per unit. Full-time California resident students pay an average of about $700 per semester for an SRJC education. In addition to the fees, there are other expenses associated with going to college. While student can pay from a few hundred dollars to $1,000 for books a semester, they can access generous financial aid or scholarships to help with college expenses.

Financial Aid
StudentsSRJC’s Financial Aid Office helps students overcome financial barriers through generous grants, work-study opportunities, scholarships, and loans. Students can also apply for a Board of Governor’s Fee Waiver (BOG) to waive enrollment fees and parking fees over $20 per semester. To receive a BOG, a student must meet certain low-income criteria, and be classified as a resident of California by the Admissions, Records & Enrollment Services office. BOG Applications are available in the Financial Aid and Counseling offices.

The SRJC Foundation awards hundreds of continuing student and transfer student scholarships each year. More than 350 business and community organizations work with SRJC’s Scholarship Office to make generous scholarships available to students.

Students Clubs, Services, Welcome Centers

Despite its high level of community interaction, outreach, and cultural offerings, enrolling in college can be intimidating for first-time students. SRJC’s Counseling and Student Affairs departments recently opened Welcome Centers on both campuses where students planning to attend SRJC receive help completing applications, registering, and becoming oriented to the College. Student ambassadors and staff are on hand to assist.

Student Services
Broad services are available to students year-round to support their success while enrolled at SRJC, including Adult Reentry Services, career and employment resources, disability resources, health and housing services, Veterans Affairs, tutoring, transfer support, counseling, among many others.

The College supports more than 30 student clubs and organizations to encourage students’ multiple interests and hobbies. No matter their focus, SRJC clubs provide an important link between the College and the community, and encourage students to network with their peers. Clubs range from chess, fencing, and chemistry to robotics, sign language, and politics.

Santa Rosa Junior College is officially accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges