The Santa Rosa Junior College ARISS communications station is the fourth such station in the Northern Hemisphere and the only one with excellent access to flights in both "medium" and "high" inclination orbits from the 37th to the 57th latitude. This site was chosen because of its ability to communicate with the Shuttle in high inclination orbits, the college resources, the ability to draw students from Northern California K-12 School Districts, and the enthusiasm of students, faculty, and staff about the project.

The ARISS program is an educational program sponsored by NASA, the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) and the Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT).

Its purpose is to involve the largest number of people possible, particularly youngsters, in the US space program. With the International Space Station permanently manner, Students can participate by talking directly to the ISS astronauts.  The ARRL  and NASA educational outreach program provides all schools who are interested with detailed educational packets about ISS activities and STS flights ranging from experiments the students can do themselves, to biographies of the astronauts.

This page is designed to give the "Net Surfer" an overview of the Station as well as provide links to other resources that are of interest regarding the Space Shuttle, NASA, and other astronomy resources.

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Click to see some great Shuttle images.

Shuttle Launch (226K)

Shuttle Landing (176K)

SAREX Pictures (226K) Pictures of students talking to Shuttle astronauts.

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